Friday, May 11, 2018

Thank G-d for Israel

Some events in history are so clear and powerful, they can be identified immediately. World War II, Soviet Aliyah to Israel, the Election of 2016.

Other events are so sparse and spread out that only historians can look back and label them. The First Aliyah Wave, the Decline of Rome, the Information Age.

We are in the middle of one such event, and at the initial stages of another. And I am not referring to the IDF destroying Iranian military sites in Syria, but to a more longterm development.

There is not a major city in Israel where French has become the official "fourth" language behind Hebrew, Arabic, and English. Throughout Netanya, Jerusalem, and even Anglo dominated Raanana, newly opened French Bistro's dot the landscapes.

The intensity of anti-Semitism in France has only grown as families, the elderly, and more innocents are butchered by soulless barbarians who drink our blood. They turning a slow drip of French immigrants into a steady stream of new Israeli citizens.

There are still hundreds of thousands of Jews in France. One official projects that over 250,000 French Jews will move to Israel by the end of the next decade.  It's ironic that a horde of Syrian Arabs who hate Israel have been displaced from their homeland only to bolster the population of the Jewish State.

Historians may look back and call 2005-2030 the Era of French Aliyah.

The Next W200ave

Is America 2018 like France 2005?

In the past week, two of our brothers have been beaten in broad daylight in New York for simply dressing Jewish. Not a month goes by that a Jewish Synagogue, Cemetery, or individual is desecrated. Like in France, the trend is intensifying, not reversing.

People are angry. They hijack real problems like racism, sexual assault, and corruption of the wealthy to express their rage. Some of their anger on these issues is certainly justified, but a lot of it is projecting their rage at life itself. The media help them along. This collective feeling of helpless desperation only adds more heat to Pressure Cooker America that can blow at any minute.

Americans may start moving to Israel in a slow drip. Today, there is prosperity in America and the frustration is somewhat muted. If the nation were to enter into a recession with widespread unemployment like in 1990, 2003, or 2009, Katy bar the door. The slow drip can gush forward like a dam whose walls were breached.

Historians may call the period 2015-2040 the Era of American Aliya.

What Do I Do Now?

If you are living in New York, Chicago, or Florida and are no longer at ease inside a Synagogue or JCC, start to learn Hebrew. Go to Israel every vacation and look for the part of the country in which you see yourself happiest.

Go to meetups whenever you come here. Learn the skills that make you most employable in Hi-Tech Startup Nation. Take my course at If you invest 10 hours a week in a skill that Israel requires, in 3 years you will have amassed 1,500 hours, virtually making you an expert. You can gain experience by freelancing on Fivver, taking a part time job, or working pro-bono to pad your resume.  
You will be pleased to know that you can enjoy the same standard of living here that you can anywhere else. If there were ever a such thing as a golden exit, this is it.

Natalie Portman’s True Intentions (a look back)
In refusing the Genesis Prize, Mrs. Portman, at age 36, announced her bid for congress. She grew up in New York and made her name in California. Both of these states are not merely Democrat, they are ultra-liberal progressive. Now that Hollywood actors are becoming candidates, the Harvard educated Portman may decide to throw her tiara into the ring.
She owes it all to President Donald J. Trump who set the precedent of going straight from Tinseltown to Talking Points.
By internationally humiliating Israel, she is crowning herself heir apparent to Bernie Sanders.
It's shameful that she feels she has to throw us under the bus to advance her personal ambitions. It's scary that for any Democrat to advance, they have to throw us under the bus.
Wasn’t there another party in recent history that measured success by the number of Jewish hides a candidate amassed?
Portman, it’s not worth it. Go back to acting.

Every week you can expect me, David Ben Horin, to be writing this column, Thank God for Israel. Writing and fighting to give my every morsel of wisdom to the good people who love my beloved country. Even to the not so good people who should love my country, it's never too late to see the light. Check out

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Magdeburger Joe said...

I would never vote for her.And I'll always remember how she hung Israel out to dry.for her place among the politically correct