Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Satmarer Chassidim Arrested for Fraud in Bet Shemesh

The Minhag in the Zionist State of Israel, "miyamim kadmonim shel Dovid ben Gurion, is that if you want to open a Shul, the Zionists provide the land for gratis...

So the Satmarer Aronim followers went and negotiated from the "cursed" Zionists a huge piece of land in Bet Shemesh to build a Bais Medrish and got the land for absolutely nothing as per the "cursed" law of the Zionists.

But they noticed that they could build over 100 homes on this land, why should they build a Mokon Torah if they can make millions building homes, so they bribed the Zionists Bet Shemesh Construction inspectors and started building regular homes.

They all got arrested!

Police arrested ten senior officials from the Beit Shemesh municipality in an early morning raid on Sunday. Authorities ransacked Beit Shemesh city hall and conducted searches in suspects' private homes.

Police said they are investigating senior Beit Shemesh officials over suspicions of bribery and breach of trust. The probe centers around allegations that officials converted a building destined for use by a Yeshiva to a private residential complex.

The investigation is a being conducted in cooperation with the Tax Authority and the Jerusalem District Attorney's office.
The Israel Police said that it would "continue to investigate and expose improper processes, in a conflict of interest, and to seek and reach any place where there is suspicion of public corruption that harms government and normative citizens."


H said...

This is what Satmar mean by 'Torah True'.

They just work with a different Torah to everyone else.

Their 'Rebbe-Gods' would be proud.

jancsibacsi said...

Theese satmerers dont have one straight noncroocked bone in their bodies or in thier thinking process all they know is deception and lies

Anonymous said...

Nee. Parnooseh.

Anonymous said...

Thats why i say that Satmar stands for
Sonei Toras Moshe Rabbeinu