Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Palestinian President Claims Jews’ Behavior Caused the Holocaust Just Like the Va'Yoel Moshe

Reading the report (below), I have to believe that the bastard Abbas must be learning the Va"Yoel Moshe, authored by R' Yoel Teitelbaum, founder of the Satmar Dynasty.

R' Yoel Teitelbaum, wrote that Jews that were Zionists were the cause of the Holocaust! 
I'm not making this up ..... according to R' Yoel's bizarre theory, the Zionists colluded with Hitler ym"s to murder six million Jews!!!
The Zionists at the time had no army and no country.... but that didn't stop the Satmarer Rebbe from spreading this idiotic theory..... and his chassidim are still buying this as I type this. 
And get this ..... Zionists living in Europe were also murdered by the Nazis, because the Nazis didn't differentiate between a Chassidishe Jew wearing "vaaseh zoken" and a Jew wearing a Kipah Serugah, the ovens consumed everything thrown in.

So why is Abbas who is parroting the Va'Yoel Moshe, an anti-Semite???
Isn't he only repeating the words from the Satmar book, verbatim?

In yet another long and disoriented rant on Monday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas took his antisemitic sentiment to a new level.
Abbas told a Palestinian National Council session that the Jewish people — not antisemitism or the Nazis — caused the Holocaust, through their “social behavior,” The Times of Israel reported.
According to Abbas, the mass genocide of more than six million Jews was a result of the Jews’ “social behavior, [charging] interest, and financial matters.”
Abbas also claimed that Israel is a European colonial project, that European Jews have “no historical ties” to Israel, and that “those who sought a Jewish state weren’t Jews.”
Denying Jewish identity and Jewish rights to any part of Israel are other forms of antisemitism that Abbas frequently embraces.
In a January 14 address to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Central Council, Abbas spent more than two hours ranting about the history of Zionism in a conspiratorial fashion. He claimed that Jews moved to Israel solely for ideological and colonial reasons, not because of persecution — “even during the Holocaust.”
In the same speech, he went off on a blatantly antisemitic tirade that attempted to de-legitimize any Jewish presence in the state of Israel: “The significance of Israel’s functional character is that colonialism created it in order to fill a specific role; it is a colonialist project that is not connected to Judaism, but made use of the Jews so they would serve as pawns…”
These antisemitic comments are reminiscent of his Holocaust-denying doctoral thesis, which grossly underestimates the number of Jews killed in the genocide and focuses on an unsubstantiated relationship between Zionists and Nazis.
While trying to present a moderate face for years, recent developments show that the Palestinian president has become a hostile and outwardly racist leader, who continues to alienate the Palestinian people.


Anonymous said...

Abbas is the satmar rebbe of gaza


Abbas also claimed that Israel is a European colonial project, that European Jews have “no historical ties” to Israel, and that “those who sought a Jewish state weren’t Jews.”
Actually this antisemitic statement that "those who sought the jewish state weren't jews" this was also taken from that antisemitic manifesto "Vayoel Moshe" where he writes that the Zionists are not Jews but from MI"ZERAH AMALEK"
This is the criminal insanity that tens of thousands young Jews where brainwashed with,what a legacy he has left behind

Unknown said...

Abu Adolf Mazen received his doctorate in holocaust denial from Moscow under communist regime claiming that less than a million Jews perished.
The gas chambers were used for cleansing purposes not for murder.
Abu Adolf Mazen should quote Vayoel Moshe that the Zionists are to blame for the Holocaust.