Tuesday, July 25, 2017

While Israel Buries Murder Victims Ezra Friedlander Posts Anti-Israel Hateful Video

Ezra Tuchis lekking Hillary

From a DIN reader:

The two faces of Ezra Friedlander The Friedlander Group scam artist said...

Ezra Friedlander of 'The Friedlander Group' continues to play his two faced game.

The other day, even before the latest victims of terrorism were buried, Friedlander tweeted a link to a video lecture promoting the anti-zionism of the late Satmar Rebbe R. Joel Teitelbaum. He did it in the past as well.

Here it is - https://twitter.com/EzraFriedlander/status/888968305381343232
He goes to AIPAC, mixes with zionists, poses as a supporter of Israel, but, at the same time, publicized the anti-zionist lectures of the rabid anti zionist activist Yirmiyahu (Jeremiah) Cohen of of Midwood, Brooklyn, of Natruna, the Satmar version of Neturei Karta.

He can believe what he wishes, but to be deceptive is not right. Let Friedlander be open about his anti zionism.

It is high time Ezra Friedlander be exposed for his phoniness. Enough of the Friedlander group scam.

The truth about Ezra Friedlander needs to be known.


Enough Friedlander phoniness already said...

There is much more phoniness about Ezra Friedlander than this to expose.

But it is a good start.

He poses as some frum guy, but he then promotes the non-orthodox Joe Potasnik and his NY Board of Rabbis, which gedolim banned over sixty years ago for promoting the three streams of Judaism (Orthodox - Conservative - Reform) baloney. Friedlander is okay with pig eating Sabbath desecrating Judaism, considering their leaders as Rabbis? How can Agudath Israel hire him when he advertises the NYBR on his website as a client?

His buddy Joe Stamm should evict him from the space he gives him at his downtown NY HQ.

Anonymous said...

"He poses as some frum guy"... enough said.

Never mind his flirtation with women... and his claim his wife knows he has to flirt with women and she accepts it.

It's a disgrace that he is allowed to call himself a representative/spokesman of the orthodox Jewish community.

Public scandal waiting to happen...

Att: ZOA FYI said...

Morton Klein of ZOA, who invited him to ZOA dinner a few months ago, should be shown this information.

VIN-Friedlander fraud said...

It's hefker out there.

Friedlander is connected to VIN which calls itself "the voice of the orthodox Jewish community". Comments critical of him are blocked there. One fraud together with another.