Monday, July 3, 2017

Ike Fisher Blackmails Israel Because of Kotel Issue! Take Your $$$$ and Shove it!!

Does anybody else see the irony of mega rich Liberal American Jews like Ike Fisher, trying to dictate policy to Jews in Israel and by extension the rest of us Jews in the Diaspora.?

Mr Ike, 
take your Trangendered,Feminist,Liberal, Pro Gay,Fake Jewish agenda, and stick it where the sun don't shine. 

The unmitigated arrogance of a rich mamzer expecting everyone to bow down to his money.
The Jewish People do not need your stinking money.

 This Reform yutz who is a "supporter' of Israel in now boycotting Israel.
 Well, why don't we boycott his clients? 

He writes:
" “It is time for the Government of Israel to understand that its constituency includes Am Yisrael.”"

Let me tell you something about "Am Yisrael" ..... Am Yisrael survived Hitler YM"S ...we will survive you too....
 Coming out in public, guarantees that your offspring will most certainly assimilate amongst other Jew haters.

Email this two timing Jew Hater!

Here is a list direct from his website:

 Major US Jewish philanthropist Isaac “Ike” Fisher has suspended his financial support of Israel, in light of two explosive decisions made last week by the Israeli government that have upset liberal Jews around the world.
American born Knesset member Michael Oren confirmed to The Jerusalem Post a report in Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot on Sunday, that Fisher had sent him a letter informing him of a series of measures he is taking in protest of a government decision to backtrack on an agreement for an egalitarian prayer section at the Western Wall, and another on the issue of conversion.
These steps include cancelling a 1 million dollar investment made into Israeli bonds, suspending fundraising activities, and suspending his involvement in AIPAC.
Oren himself told the Post last week that he was furious about the decisions, and would vote in the Knesset against the government’s decision to grant the Chief Rabbinate a monopoly on conversion, even it meant getting fired from his post as a deputy minister. This has not yet been necessary as on Friday, a deal was reached to freeze the conversion legislation, while a special task force will be created to find a solution to both the haredi parties and the opponents of the bill.
In an email obtained by the Post Sunday, Fisher thanked Oren for his support for Diaspora Jewry over these issues. “As you know, I actively support the State of Israel, however my support is suspended till the Government of Israel reverses course,” he wrote.
“Last week I purchased one million dollars of Israel Bonds. That support is suspended. I am the incoming Campaign Chair of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. I have advised them my work is suspended unless Israel reverses course. I am a National Board member of AIPAC. That work too is also suspended. I sit on the Board of American Friends of Tel Aviv University. I have advised them that my financial support is suspended,” Fisher stated.
“Enough is enough,” he concluded. “It is time for the Government of Israel to understand that its constituency includes Am Yisrael.”
“I was very saddened by what he wrote,” Oren told the Post, but added that “Israelis have to hear it.”
“I don’t think there is appreciation of the depth of hurt and alienation that liberal North American Jews feel toward Israel now, and this was a last straw for many,” the MK added.
Oren does not see this issue disappearing anytime soon, nor is it likely that Fisher is the only Jewish figure who will take concrete action in protest of the government decisions.
“I’ve heard from several major philanthropists that they were crestfallen, disappointed, hurt and they were certain it would have impact on Diaspora giving [to Israel]” he noted, though he said he was not at liberty to reveal anymore names.
While reactions might be expressed via financial avenues, Oren stressed that this is not about money, but about the concept of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people.
“I agree with this,” he emphasized. “The state of the Jewish people is not just about Jewish people living in Israel. We demand that the Palestinians recognize us as such so we should be the nation state of the Jewish people.”


Ma Rabbi said...

You are correct. This is blackmail plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you may not agree with what he wants, but it's his money and he can request things in exchange for it.