Sunday, July 23, 2017

Victims of terror attack identified as Salomon family

Murder victims
Elad on right photo was murdered, his wife left photo survived attack

The names of those killed in Friday's terror attack in Neve Tzuf (Halamish) are Yosef Salomon (70), and his children Haya (46) and Elad (36). Their identities had been under a gag order until Saturday night.

The Salomon family, residents of Neve Tzuf in the Binyamin region, had been celebrating the birth of a new grandchild Fridaynight, when 19 year old Omer al-Ebed burst in, stabbing and killing the grandfather Yosef and his children.

Elad's wife locked the children in a side room, likely saving the grisly body count from rising.

An off duty soldier from the Oketz K-9 unit realized what was underway and fired through the windrow, hitting Al-Abed and stopping the attack in progress. Al-Abed is being treated in Petach Tikvah;s Rabin Medical Center.

Al-Abed, who had written on Facebook earlier that "There is no point of living without the Al-Aqsa Mosque," had bought his knife days earlier in preparation of carrying out an attack. He was reportedly connected to Hamas, but was not an active member of the terror group


Anonymous said...

Let me ask you a simple question,if someone would decide to take into his home man eating poisonous snakes and would let them roam freely all over his house and one morning he wakes up and finds his whole family wiped out ,would we blame the snakes or would be blame the criminally insane owner of the house? of course we all know the answer.

Israel has hundreds of thousands of bloody murderous poisonous two legged snakes roaming the country and plotting day and night how to butcher their Jewish neighbors,instead of doing the only normal thing and to either expell these murderous animals or lock them up in cages,
what does this gangster cowardly regime do? they arm them and they feed them with all kinds of social welfare schemes,
The real murderers of this poor family is non other than this criminally insane self hating cowardly leftist gangster government that will not defend it's country and people.

No other normal people would tolerate this obscenity,in any other country a regime like this would be vomited out and overthrown by their own citizenry.
People of Israel WAKE UP before it's too late.
there is only ONE solution to this problem " THEY ALL MUST GO"
anything else is national suicide

Justice said...

"Al-Abed is being treated in Petach Tikvah's Rabin Medical Center."

Should be executed.

AishKodesh said...

Baruch Dayan HaEmes. May Hashem protect our brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisroel (and all outside it, too).

Anonymous said...


Hashem does not protect people who decide to commit suicide,someone jumping off the brooklyn bridge and praying that God should help him is an idiot,letting millions of murderous Jew hating poisonous Arab snakes roam your country is nothing but national suicide,there is only one solution "THEY ALL MUST GO"

Anonymous said...

המפגר לא מפסיק עם החארא שלו

AishKodesh said...

"THEY ALL MUST GO" -- it certainly is likely true. But still, it would be hard to exterminate them that quickly, and in the meantime, Hashem, Who can protect against anyone and everyone should protect us.

Alex S. said...

I hope some nurse or doctor in that hospital has enough sense to put poison in his I.V.