Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Helbrans's Daughter Dies After Suffering Allergic Reaction; Buried In Guatemala

Just two weeks after Lev Tahor cult-leader Shlomo Helbrans died after drowning while “Toiveling” for Shabbos in a river in Mexico, the Helbrans family once again was struck with tragedy.
Sources confirm to YWN that Miriam Gittel Brocha, the 24-year-old daughter of Shlomo Helbrans suffered an allergic reaction and was Niftar on Sunday. She leaves behind a husband and 4 young children.
Her mother is sitting Shiva in Boro Park where she lived.
She was buried in Guatemala next to her father.
Three years ago, Miriam Helbrans launched a (since closed) website www.miriamhelbrans.com where she introduced herself as the second daughter of Shlomo Helbrans.
No further information was available.


AishKodesh said...

Baruch Dayan HaEmes.

I know it might not be what's being reported, but do you think it's possible that the Goyim whom Lev Tahor lives near (and who hate them) are "strategically" getting rid of them?

Anonymous said...

AishKodesh,no" it's not possible because this filthy dog Helbrans yemach shemo
drowned in Mexico and his poor daughter died in Guatemala,who really is responsible for her death is non other than this criminally insane piece of human garbage who dragged these unfortunate brainwashed followers of his to this forsaken filthy disease filled third world country with no modern healthcare,had she lived in a normal country like Israel or the U.S she would still be alive,hope and pray this filthy dog burns in hell and never get's out

AishKodesh said...

It still seems possible...

By the way, I will not Daven that Rav Helbrans zt"l burns in Gehinom.... What point is there to it?