Monday, July 10, 2017

Helbrans Hated Israel But The State of Israel Will Take Care of His Remains

Very very interesting! 
G-D has a sense of humor .....

This guy Helbrens who got killed under questionable circumstances in Mexico wrote a sefer that stated  that "Israel is a dangerous place to live" .........yet he gets killed in Mexico?
Turns out that the Zionists didn't have anything to do with his death.

The person who feared persecution of the State of Israel or of his enemies was not killed by his enemies .... The person who decided that it was a danger to live in the State of Israel and wished to destroy her, did not die because he remained in Israel.

In fact it was he who killed himself. He went to toivel himself irresponsibly in a dangerous river. 

What is even more ironic .... is ...that we would not be surprised that the State of Israel takes ownership of his body and the Israeli Embassy in Mexico and the Minister of Foreign Affairs arranges for his burial!  

Halbrens is an Israeli Citizen and that is the only citizenship he has!

This was also the case with the Satmar Chassidim that smuggled drugs to Japan ..... and the Zionist Foreign Ministry negotiated and facilitated their release (the Chareidie fake News Press reported that Askanim were involved)! 

And the Zionists helped R' Yoel Tetelbaum escape from the Nazis  during WW2

Hashem certainly has a sense of humor!


Anonymous said...

Helbrans Yoilish Aron Zalman Leib
are and were Jew haters.
Now Yoilish and Helbrans can dance in Hell together

Anonymous said...

BH they weren't able to take care of his remains, although they tried to steal the corps by proclaiming their lies that the Israelis are the representatives of the Jewish people but they lost heavily in court and those טמאים were not allowed to even come close to the area

Anonymous said...

Is the bastard still in the refrigerator
Or has he been cremated as the gentile he truly was
Filthy animal

Ma Rabbi said...

Please do not speak badly of someone who was Niftar.

Anonymous said...

DIN,i couldn't have said it any better,and in the case of that other Israel hater reb Yoilish of Satmar this character did not even have the decency the MENTSHLICHKEIT to thank the Zionists who saved his life via the Kastner train.
And on top of that he also didn't have the decency to beg forgiveness for the thousands of his followers whom he forbade to emigrate to Palestine (in the years when it was still possible) and as a result were gassed and burned in the ovens of Auschwits while he himself escaped.

Anonymous said...

Christian cult leader shlomo helbrans buried in Guatemala this past monday.
The bastard was stored in a cooler until the cult got permission to bury the skunk in Guatemala

Anonymous said...

Media reports coming through Helbrans buried in Guatemala this past monday
Muhammad waiting with open arms to award the guru his 70 virgins.

AishKodesh said...

Ma Rabbi, thank you. You are very correct.

A Gut Taanis to everyone...

Anonymous said...

Thought you were comitted to the psych ward.
They said you were released to help bury Hell brans and that you'd be back in your padded cell upon your return

Anonymous said...

Ma RabbiJuly 10, 2017 at 5:28 PM

He wasn't niftar... he croaked...