Friday, July 28, 2017

Senator Gillibrand Stabs Jews In The Back ..Ezra Friedlander Silent

Ezra Friedlander with Jewish Tuchis Lekkers fawning over the anti-semite Gillibrand
A senator representing the largest Jewish population in America will shortly reveal if she is backing legislation that is meant to empower anti Israel forces.
New York senator Gillibrand says she will be giving an anti-BDS bill another look given fears that it might undermine free speech.

New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand made the comment at a town hall meeting int he Bronx this past Saturday. Gillibrand went on a tirade slamming Israel saying, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does “not have a plan for peace.”
“I am concerned that Prime Minister Netanyahu does not have a plan for peace, and doesn’t have a vision for peace,” Gillibrand said Saturday at town hall meeting in the Bronx.
Gillibrand described a meeting she had last year when she led a delegation of senators to Israel.
“In our meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the question we asked is, what is your vision for peace, and he didn’t have one,” she said.
Gillibrand continued, “He just said my only hope is that I protect my people from rockets”.  “If you don’t have a vision, if you don’t have a plan, then it is never going to happen. And so we do need to require more of our world leaders, and I think a call to action to Israel’s government to have a plan for peace is really incumbent on all of us.”
Gillibrand was responding to a questioner — anti zionist blogger named Mondoweiss, and identified as belonging to Jewish Voice for Peace — who challenged her support for a bill that targets the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. The American Civil Liberties Union has said the bill impinges on speech freedoms.
The bill extends existing bans on cooperating with boycotts sponsored by countries to those sponsored by international organizations. It also encompasses boycotts of settlement goods. Defenders of the bill say it is narrowly defined to target only businesses that proactively provide assistance to boycotts organized by international organizations.
“The way I read the bill is not the way you read the bill,” Gillibrand said to the questioner. “I saw the bill as an extension of foreign policy to not allow companies to side with foreign entities that were doing boycotts.”
Gillibrand said she was ready to meet with the ACLU to discuss the bill.
“I am open to looking at the bill again because I do not want to undermine people’s free speech rights on any level,” she said.
Gillibrand puts the onus of peace on the only democratic nation in the entire Middle East and was not even embarrassed to make such stupid statements just hours after 3 innocent Jews in israel were butchered in their own home by Palestinian terrorists.
Gillibrand is known for always running to Boro Park to raise funds for her campaign and other democrats. Many people have been asking if the heavily pro republican community in Brooklyn south would vote for her again.
It’s obvious Gillibrand was never a true friend of Israel and her latest statements prove it.
It’s interesting to note that Jewish lobbyist Ezra Friedlander brought Gillibrand and Congressman Jerry Nadler to Boro Park before the Iran deal took place.
Senator Gillibrand has recently praised Jew hater Linda Sarsour by calling her an “extraordinary woman.”
When will some Orthodox Jews start standing up for Jewish values and stop selling their grandmother for a few dollars?

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