Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vicious Attacks Continue Against Chareidi Soldiers In Yerushalayim And Beit Shemesh

Despite increased IDF and Israel Police efforts to apprehend persons responsible for attacks against IDF soldiers, the attacks continue. 

According to reports, no less than five soldiers were attacked in a 24-hour period this week, all amid shouts of ‘Chardak’, the derogatory term used by chareidi animals against the frum soldiers.

The attacks this week were reportedly carried out by members of the Terrorist Peleg faction and the Eida Chareidis. 

Four attacks occurred on Monday evening the eve of 29 Nissan, in which police extricated two soldiers and the soldiers extricated themselves in the other attacks. 
One attack occurred in Beit Shemesh on Tuesday. At least two arrests have been made in that attack.
Authorities promise they will prosecute suspects to the fullest extent of the law.

In the videos below, one can see military police arresting a suspect following an attack on Tuesday


Anonymous said...

The only way this will stop,is if the head snake Shmulik Auerbach that traitorous Israel hating piece of filth is arrested and put on trial for traitorous sedition ,and if found guilty lock him up and throw away the keys or better yet deport this ZAKEN MAMRAH bastard to his good friends in Gaza

Shvantz said...

As far as I know there is only one shul on Joshua Ct & it is Satmar affiliated.

Didan notzach? said...

In Chabad they like to boast as if they are the biggest machmirim on Pesach that no one else, not Litvaks, not other Chassidisher can match. But this is a huge farce. They throw out examples of their chumros but are speechless & deflated when hearing that Bobov, other chassidishe, as well as many Litvishe bnei Torah do the same thing. But try speaking to some of these Lubavs about hilchos Pesach & you will find they are am haaratzim who, unaware of even elementary halachos, likely do not have a kosher lePesach kitchen despite their much vaunted chumros.

In Orange County, NY, there are 3 Chabad shluchim who are all fighting with each other. 2 of the 3 are not recognized by 770. One of the three runs a Pesach program at a luxury hotel that is the lowest price program in America so one maylah he has is he is not greedy. He is both organizer & rav hamachshir. He is however fort a sick guy. You call for the hotel, he also serves as receptionist: first question, which Chabad kehilla do you belong to? He won't tell you yet that he won't allow anyone to come unless they are a fellow Lubav because he gets his jollies out of draying a kop for WEEKS any victim who calls from among the "Snags" (Misnagdim) & other non-Lubavs. He gets up on his high horse to condescendingly darshan baarichus to you about how Chabad supposedly is head & shoulders above all in chumros Pesach, while falling on his face if engaged in discussion on basic halacha.

The big farshlept head game he plays is getting the cash or check to him (no credit cards). He is coming or sending someone to you or you should come to him. He never finishes the conversation. Every time he cuts the phone call short with some kind of sudden emergency like it "suddenly got very windy where I'm walking outside, I have to call you back". He just gets his jollies to lecture you for weeks that Chabad is above all else.

One yungerman drove up with his mishpocho to this nut's house to give him the money and rings his doorbell. The kids spy him through the mail slot & go running to tell their father that a "Litvisher" is at the front door. He sends them back down to ask the yungerman's name. The kids relay that ok our father is coming. It took a minute for the Chabadnik to remember that the yungerman was someone trying to pay him to come to the hotel. At that point he is mevazeh the yungerman & his mishpocho. The kids come back to the door with the sheker that the tatta shloft - it was 4 pm - leave your # & he will call you later.

It's "good" to see that a "shaliach" of the Rebbe practices such stellar chinuch bonim & knows how to be "mechabed" other Yidden. He must think he is making the Rebbe proud.

Chafraud Poopoovitch said...

This Chabad idiot Upstate who organized the Pesach hotel in Morris County, NJ, has an uncle in a NY County on the other side of the Hudson River. 770 gave his uncle the boot after the loser wasn't able to attract more than a minyan after 20 years. Is it any wonder the nephew has few people skills, lacks derech eretz & has little concern for basic human dignity?