Sunday, April 2, 2017

Auerbach Crazy Bouchrim Now Threaten Protest At Ben-Gurion Airport

The Peleg faction, led by Shmulie Auerbach, continues threats of protest, this time Ben-Gurion International Airport towards interrupting pre-Pesach airport traffic. 

The notice says in response to authorities stepping up activities, they will protest so they are heard around the world including in the area of the airport where tourists arriving and leaving Israel will see it and report it. They will carry signs in English and other languages too.

Due to the heavy airport traffic expected ahead of Pesach when the protest will take place, persons are advised to check regarding flight schedules to determine if there are changes.

It concludes that if the advanced notification will result in a hostile response that will prevent protesting, future events will be held without prior notification, which means the public and police will not be alerted ahead of events. 


Anonymous said...

This criminally insane TRAITOROUS MESHUGENE ZAKEN MAMRE needs to be immediately arrested and deported to his friends in Gaza,and all the rest of the insane cockroaches that this filthy cockroach has spawned and brainwashed-need to be rounded up and forcibly inducted into ZAHAL and put to useful
work like cleaning the toilets and washing the dishes.

A chareidi Jew who is fed up and embarrassed by this tremendous CHILLUL HASHEM

jancsibacsi said...

Dysfunctional people create more dysfunctional people,this is a prime example of it.a bunch of freeloaders who have nothing to loose create havoc for the rest of society

Anonymous said...

baruch hashem me kiomcha yisroel who is like the nation of jews that do the right thing even when the whole world is against them

MikeO said...

Lunatic cult members. I'm ashamed to be part of the same tribe.

Anonymous said...

These guys are hypocritical.
If they think that the tziyonim are roitzchim, how can they sit on the road in front of a car? A tziyoni is choshud on retzicha and he'll just mow you down?
That is what the Brisker Rav ZT"L told the Niturei Karta people when they lay down in front of the busses on Shabbos. He told them, if you don't think the tziyonim will kill you, you're one of them!