Friday, April 21, 2017

Pit Bull Whose Owner Was Warned Mauls Frum Monsey Boy

A shocking video posted to social media appears to show a dog brutally attacking a 3-year-old boy on a upstate New york street Thursday afternoon.
The toddler can be seen in the footage playing with a group of friends outside a residence in Spring Valley in Rockland County when a black dog suddenly charges at him from across the street.
The friends scatter in fear as the black dog chomps down on the boy and drags him along the pavement, leaving him with a bloody puncture wound on his neck and deep scratches on his cheek, a photo posted to Twitter shows.
The boy was rushed to a nearby hospital where his condition was unknown late Thursday, according to News 12.
The dog was reportedly returned to its owner. The Spring Valley police department is looking into the bloody incident to determine whether the dog has a history of violence.
The unidentified victim is a young Jewish boy, according to the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council of Hudson Valley.
The dog's owner has let it out without a collar multiple times in recent weeks, the council said in a statement.
"Neighbors say they have called the Spring Valley PD about this multiple times but little action has been taken," the council said, identifying the dog as a pit bull.


Not the first time said...

See story and also comments.

Do frum people need training re how to relate to dogs?

Anonymous said...

Hoozagoodboy? Youragoodboy!

Refuah Shleimah! said...

Look, I've got bitten by a dog before (when I was 13) and it was scary. May HaKadosh Baruch Hu send this boy a Refuah Shleimah Mi'heira. Who else here will say Tehillim for him?

Ma Rabbi said...

Someone needs to shoot that dog.

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

Not the first time said...
Do frum people need training re how to relate to dogs?
April 21, 2017 at 11:56 AM

In this case it's the owner's fault. The dog should be euthanized.
If the owner or authorities won't do it, perhaps the father of the child should consider it.

But yes, haredim are often inept when it comes to animals and nature. Mostly the asphalt shtetl types. Our local Chabad rabbi's claim to pet ownership is having had a goldfish when he was a kid. I've quizzed him on his knowledge of animals... he's a moron. The few Chabad I've discussed dogs with hate them or are simply terrified of them.

However, my children's rosh yeshiva (haredi, but not Chabad, and not insulated in concrete and asphalt) owns quite a large dog. The family seems to love it and it's well cared for.

Fortunately, we harge lot of land here. My dog wouldn't even need to go into my front yard unless there was a Chabad rabbi in it. But I hate picking pieces of kapota out of the lawn.

Anonymous said...

Do frum people need training re how to relate to dogs?

do any frum people even own a dog?

Throw the book at the dog and its owner(s) said...

Maybe some protests need to be organized.

No justice no peace.

Anonymous said...

The dog's name is Shmulik Auerbach he has rabies and is going wild in Israel also.
Shoot the damn dog now.
Peace on Israel

Anonymous said...

Sue the government. Very simple.

Anonymous said...

There is a loser in Monsey, a Sefardi who is a Chassidishe wannabe, who tried several times to open a shul but no one wants to daven by him. He is in cahoots with a goy who has a bunch of aggressive dogs. They have an arrangement where he covers up for the goy to the police when Yidden are menaced in exchange for things from the goy.

The loser has an unusual last name & has 2 cousins,same name, who were actual Kapos in the Nazi death camps.

Rockland Chaverim said...

Hundt vos shteit oif tzvei

Shvantz said...

There were Sfardim in Nazi death camps?

Anonymous said...

Sfardim deported to death camps from parts of these countries occupied by the Nazis:

Russia (area near Armenia that was the deepest Nazi penetration into Europe)
Romania (maybe this is why some Sefardim like to join the Satmar gypsies)