Monday, April 3, 2017

Crooks steal sacred texts worth $233G from Boro Park Bais Medrish

A trio of burglars broke into a Brooklyn synagogue and stole about $233,000 in sacred texts early Sunday, police said.
Cops said the three crooks broke into the back door of the Congregation Maase Rokach on 12th Ave. at 55th St. early Sunday morning, then made their way into the library.
They stole nine texts, and made off in a white SUV, cops said.
Police have not yet made an arrest in the case.


AishKodesh said...

May they be caught very soon and the stuff returned!

Sam said...


AishKodesh said...


Abe said...

If you had 233G of valuables stored in your home, wouldn't you get an impenetrable safe to safeguard them? Wouldn't you also get an insurance policy to protect the value of these Torahs in the event of theft or damage by fire or water , etc.?
It appears that personal finance isn't of the secular subjects among many , many others that are not taught in yeshivas.
Who among the Rabbeim or mispallelim is responsible for this stupidity? Where is their common sense? Oops, I forgot, common sense is not held in high regard among unschooled chareidim

AishKodesh said...

Abe, there you go again with the anti-Chareidi shtus.

Anonymous said...

Abe is 100% correct, ignorance is inexcusable. Aish Kodesh you're just plain naive, stupid or both.
Are you a member of Peleg Yerushalmi by any chance.

AishKodesh said...

Absolutely not.