Thursday, April 13, 2017

Auerbach "Savages" Attack Frum Soldier On Motzei Yom Tov

Once again, a religious soldier was attacked by frum Yidden in Yerushalayim, for at least the third time within two weeks. This latest assault came on motzei the first day Pesach when a religious soldier in uniform passed the area of Bar Ilan and Shmuel HaNavi Streets as a Peleg protest was taking place. 

It does not appear that the soldier was physically injured.
In the past weeks there were at least two attacks against soldiers, both taking place in Meah Shearim, and both leading to the arrests of perpetrators.


Anonymous said...

Put them in jail and throw away the key

Chafraud-Depravitch said...

"a religious soldier was attacked by frum Yidden in Yerushalayim"

Well, that'll bring the building of a third Whatchamacallit and the coming of the You-know-who, speedily, in our day.