Thursday, February 16, 2017

Turx from Ami Causes Huge Chillul Hashem after accusing Trump of Semitism in News Conference

Trump called on Turx from Ami Magazine in his Thursday's 1:00 PM New conference .....

Turx asked him what he thinks about Trump supporters that are anti-Semites! 

Trump said that the question was very "insulting" .... and called him a liar! 

Jake Turx, is a Frum reporter covering the White House and was called on by President Trump at Thursday’s press conference.

Turx began asking Trump about the rise of anti-Semitic incidents across the United States, insinuating that it was because of Trump... and that's how Trump understood the question.

“Bomb threats have been made against Jewish Centers all across the country the last couple of weeks….There are people who are committing anti-Semitic acts or threatening…”

At that point, Trump cut Turx off while he was asking the question and said “sit down, I know the rest of your question”.

When Turx tried to finish, Trump told him “Quiet, quiet”, and then called Turx a “liar”.
Trump ended his answer by calling his question “insulting”.

Turx has since tweeted “President Trump clearly misunderstood my question. This is highly regretful and I’m going to seek clarification. #TrumpNewsConference.

This Turx guy had an opportunity to make a Kiddush Hashem, instead he insulted the President of the United States, to his face.....
as a reporter in the White House he should have thought how his question would be taken .
Very nice!

A Comment from another blog:

HadEnoughOfGolus says:
I know that “kol Yisroel areivim zeh lozeh”, is 100% true because I turned so red after watching this. Even if the president misunderstood, turx should never have asked any question whatsoever related to anti semitism.

1. Anti semitism is not the pressing issue in the US. I’m not saying it is not a problem, rather nothing has really changed on that front, so don’t make a story out of it.

2. If you would have asked a complimentary question (which the President made clear he was looking for and you reassured him at the onset that you would do so) then you would have created wonderful future goodwill and gotten 50 more questions in the future. Now you will be shunned (rightfully so) , but sadly, others wearing yarmulkas might also be because of your actions.

3. You clearly want this to be about you, rather than using this as an opportunity to better the matzav for frum people.

4. Growing up we were told that when you go to shul, you have to dress as if you would be standing in front of a king or President. Mr Turx, when you visit your Rebbe or daven in shul on shabbos, is that how you present yourself? I’m not saying you needed to wear a hat, but you looked like you were coming out of the mikveh. You are representing all of us.

5. You are on the the world stage, representing us frum people, we are scrutinized extra. Please don’t treat your job as if you’re covering the latest pizza toppings offered at amnon’s pizza for Country Yossi Magazine (for the record, all wonderful establishments). The white house has been generous in giving press passes to the smaller news outlets, and you got one. Don’t squander it. 

You had your one chance with the “king”, and you blew it!
I hope you can get to Sean Spicer and explain and apologize.


Harry said...

Wow, what a shame. Trump called on him to respect an orthodox Jew and he insulted him. I think more orthodox Jews need to find a way to somehow show respect for The President. Does anyone have any ideas?

Ma Rabbi said...

Turx is young and foolish.

Malach HaMooovies said...

I am no fan of Turx...but he didnt cause a Chillul Hashem. he did NOT accuse the president of anti-antisemitism. In fact exactly the opposite, he told him that neither he nor his admin. are anti Semites. That said, Trump responded to him exactly as he responds to everyone under the sun....angrily.

AishKodesh said...

Harry, correct. Perhaps if everyone realized 2 things. #1, That it is a huge chilul to have something like that happen; but is a huge Kiddush Hashem for people to see Fruma Yidden treating the president respectfully. And #2, that every president is Ultimately part of Hashem's Plan for Moshiach - be it Obama or Trump.

Drumpf said...

He accused trump of semitism? No wonder he was insulted! He hates them semites

Unknown said...

I know him personally he is a trumpster his question was about general

Unknown said...

Frummies belong in the mikva not at the White house. These ignorant idiots should not appear in public trying to represent the jewish people
Go learn your friggin Torah

Anonymous said...

Well what would you expect from some SHMEGEGI working for this RAG called Ami owned by a rotten Frankfurter

We are in galus said...

Jews need to know how to act.

We are in galus. Even if someone has thousands of followers on twitter, and is busy tweeting politicians and media and machers, they are still in galus, and no one should forget that.

People like Friedlander and Turx, who were not elected to represent us, represent themselves, and should not be hanging out in Washington, where people think they represent frum Yidden in general.

Jews are supposed to be separate from the other nations of the world, our Torah gives us stricter rules to live up to that don't apply to others. As the Brisker Rav said, if we don't make kiddush, others make havdalah.

Anonymous said...

Perverted SICKO frummies Ami magazine isn't even good for toilet paper
Neither are their staff

AishKodesh said...

26 Adar II, what shtus are you saying?

Daas Torah? said...

R. Frankfurter of Ami was on the radio with Zev Brenner earlier this evening, and Zev is supposed have Turx on motzei Shabbos.

The question is where is daas Torah here? Is the frum media above daas Torah? Who is Ami's daas Torah? Rabbi Frankfurter supposedly is a Brisker Satmar type. Don't they believe that Yidden in golus should be modest, stay away from the limelight, and not attract undue attention? It seems that they need to review their policy and operations now in light of that.

Americaner said...

Americaner Yidden have never gotten a friendlier US President.

Sam said...


Unknown said...

This entire post is wrong and as misguided as President Trump's answer. Get the transcript of what he asked. He started by saying that no one in the Orthodox community accused Mr Trump of what others (read Dems) said about him. He then said that regardless, there have been numerous threats and his readers are concerned about them. Turx may have been in the public eye, but he did not create a Chillul HaShem. His response to the entire affair was respectful and very dignified.

Baal Ha Boss said...

Your headline is completely wrong.

You completely misunderstood the conversation between trump and turx. Watch it again and you will see how trump takes the general question to heart and takes it personally, for no reason.

Plus he responds with junk like "I'm the least anti Semitic person you've ever met" - I highly doubt he is less anti semitic than anyone turx has met!!