Saturday, February 25, 2017

Democrats Elect Anti-Semite Muslim Keith Ellison as Deputy Chairman of the Party

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez on Saturday was elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee, defeating top-rival Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, in their respective bids to chart the direction of the national party.
He immediately appointed the Jew-hating Muslim, Keith Ellison as Deputy!
Perez was elected after two rounds of balloting in Atlanta at the party’s annual winter meeting. He received 235 votes, crossing the threshold of 218 ballots. 
“We are at a turning point for our party and for all Americans,” Perez said after his victory. “By getting back to basics, we can turn the Democratic Party around, take the fight to (President) Donald Trump, and win elections from school board to the Senate.” 
Clintons & Obama very excited by the Jew Hater
Congrats to @DNC chair @TomPerez & deputy @keithellison. Excited for strong, unified party standing for best of our country into the future.
Reaction began pouring in shortly after the results were announced. 
Congratulations to new DNC Chair Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, & the great field of candidates who ran. United Democrats are stronger Democrats.
Obama released a statement that in part said:
"Congratulations to my friend Tom Perez on his election to lead the Democratic Party, and on his choice of Keith Ellison. ...What unites our party is a belief in opportunity -- the idea that however you started out, whatever you look like, or whomever you love, America is the place where you can make it if you try."  


Abe said...

The appointment of Ellison as Deputy Chief of the Democrat National Committee will be a gift to Republicans that will keep on giving.
When another terrorist attack is wielded on the USA, all Donald Trump will need to do, is show a video (or audio) of Ellison screaming Anahi Achbar to demonstrate how awful the Democrat party descended.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Democrats for digging your own grave. Instead of taking a lesson from the past presidential race and trying to repair the party you succeeded in place it on the junk heap where hopefully a restorer of old and neglected junk will attempt one day to resurrect the rusting ash can that will become of you. I am a registered Democrat who is disillusioned with your agenda, your modus apperendi and your choices. Thanks for making my choice easy