Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Fake Silly "Rabbis" Arrested for Protesting in Front of Trump Building

The Rosh Yeshivah 

Nineteen fake rabbis were cuffed Monday night outside a Trump hotel near Columbus Circle while protesting the President’s ban on travelers from seven Muslim-majority nations, that export terrorism, police and activists said.
The fake clergy members — seven men and 12 women — are members of T’ruah Rabbis, a liberal Jewish group that opposes President Trump’s executive order and hate Israel!
“Tradition teaches us to be kind to the plight of refugees,” T’ruah co-chair Rabbi Rachel Gartner said after marching with group.
She referenced the ill-fated St. Louis voyage full of Jewish refugees that was turned away from the U.S. in 1939.
“We cannot tolerate the executive order that comes from the administration. It’s very painful for us. It’s personal. We remember the St. Louis,” Gartner told the Daily News. “It’s eerily reminiscent and it strikes us to our core.”
Gartner failed to mention that the Jews on the St. Louis were fleeing Nazi Germany...and were requesting legal immigration. She also failed to mention that the citizens of those 7 nations advocate hate against all infidels.
Gartner joined about 200 crazed protesters, including the fake rabbis, who hiked about 30 blocks (nebech) to the Trump International Hotel and Tower at W. 59th St. and Central Park West.
In an act of civil disobedience, nearly two dozen members of the group sat in the street, linked arms and sang Hebrew protest (?) songs while blocking traffic.
After a warning, cops moved in for arrests.
The fake rabbis were handcuffed with their prayer shawls still draped over their shoulders.
It should be noted that these fake "rabbis" only wear their prayer shawls for protests, otherwise the shawls collect dust in their drawers.
Your people were legal refugees.


Anonymous said...

Yes they are fake rabbis,but not more fake than those two Israel hating antisemitic Kapo bastards the TeiteBum brothers ,
Therefore please next time when you"l refere to these two Jew hating animals DO NOT dignify those bastards by calling the Harav,but call them by their real names "Kapo Aron and Kapo Zalmen

Savage said...

Never has a Jewish immigrant carried out a terrorist attack on US soil

Anonymous said...

Shame on you for bashing those rabbis who are following the Zionist ideology how a rabbi should look like

Maria said...

Whether they are fake rabbis or not is a question of their knowledge of Yoireh Deiah. However, even if their knowledge of Taarivos is faultless, I disagree with their politics and I do not accept the idea of woman rabbis. Rebetzens rule anyway.

Anonymous said...

These rabbis hate Zionism as much as the Muslims they want to import. You need to read something about Zionism before writing fake and phoney comments.

Ma Rabbi said...

Maria believe me none of those protesting "rabbis" ever opened up a
Yorah Daeah.

? said...

Rabbis? Did you mean Rabbas?