Monday, February 27, 2017

Pedophiles Swamp Monsey!!!!

A registered sex offender accused of assaulting two minors now lives in Spring Valley, according to the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.
The man, 25-year-old Menachem Deutsch, was convicted of promoting or possessing a sexual performance by a female under 17 years old, unlawful imprisonment and sexual contact with a stranger in 2013.
The Division of Criminal Justice Services has assigned Deutsch as a level three threat, which means he is a “high-risk repeat offender and possible threat to public safety.”
According to the Division of Criminal Justice Services, Deutsch’s victims included 10- and 12-year-old males. He was sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years probation, which expires in September 2023. Deutsch is designated as a sexually violent offender.
The Dr. Frank Road resident has several conditions in regards to his supervision, including mandatory participation in a sex offender treatment program, no contact with his victims and he cannot possess pornographic materials. The supervising agency is Kings County (Brooklyn) Probation Adult Supervision.

According to the New York State Registry, Betzalel Dym has moved addresses to 188 Summit Park Rd, Spring Valley, New York, 10977
Betzalel, was convicted in August 2006 of first-degree sex abuse. He was convicted of having sex with a then-10-year-old Monsey boy five times between January and May of 2006.
As a result of his conviction, Betzalel Dym is listed as a Level 2 sex offender on the New York State Registry, designating him a moderate risk of repeating his crime.
See his Wall of Shame profile here.


Date of Birth: 1948-04-27


35 Appledale Lane, Monsey, NY, 10977, US

If you, or someone you know, has been abused by this individual, please contact your local police department and JCW. If any of the information on this page has changed or you have additional information to add, please contact us.

Convicted on 2008-06-18


Description: Course Of Sexual Conduct Against Child 2nd: Two Or More Acts/Child <11 Victim Sex/Age: Female, 7 Years Female,8Years


Anonymous said...

Very probable that both brothers were molested themselves, and the only way to stop this never ending cycle is for victims to go to the police

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with some people?
The perverted attraction is one thing. I guess their brain is wired differently and they can't control what pops into their head. I had thought in getting to the real issue that I'd say I can understand that part, (NOT that I think that way, but that I understand people can have different attractions. Kind of like being Gay. While I'm not at all, I get that some people are). Though, with this, I can't.

I'm trying to understand Why the fear of getting caught doesn't stop them from acting? Is it they think they'll get away with it? Or is it that they don't care and the few moments of pleasure is worth it? Whether its months or years in prison, and/or the loss of ones reputation in the community, getting thrown out of the community, losing ones wife, friends, etc., the embarrassment of both the act as well as having to register for life as an offender. I'd think that would be enough for one to stop themselves from committing the act. Does a person spending 10 years in jail spend those years thinking the few minutes of enjoyment they had was worth it?

When it comes to prevention, the differentiation is important. You can't treat the issue without knowing what it is.
It comes down to it being:
A, The person thinks they'll get away with it. This doesn't seem to be the reason as if they get away once they'll do it again and as the
number of crimes/victims increases, the chance of being caught increases as well.
B. They understand they'll eventually be caught but, they feel the pleasure they will or do get from it is worth the negative
C. They understand the act is wrong and also know they don't want to suffer the negative consequences but, the compulsion is so
strong that in the moment they can't stop themselves,

Perhaps, for different people there are different reasons or thinking and some fall into "A" while others fall into "C"?