Monday, February 13, 2017

Watch 60 Minutes Try To Show How Wonderful the Refugees Are, But Get Attacked By Refugees During the Piece

During an episode of 60 Minutes of CBS News on the changing face of Sweden, the camera team and reporters were ambushed and attacked by a group of masked immigrants as soon as the police that escorted them left. 
They fled the scene, the producer and cameraman got injured. 

Sweden, like Germany, pursues an "no limit, open border" policy towards illegal immigration of Muslim men from the poorest nations in Africa

This has led to ghettos and the biggest emigration wave of native Swedes fleeing their home country in its history - because it is no longer safe. The only country with more violent rapes than Sweden is a South African nation called Lesotho.

The tiny nation of just over 9 million inhabitants accept a sizable percentage of its population in immigrants while having one of the lowest birth rates in Europe. It is expected that Swedes will be a minority in Sweden within 2 decades. This is just a tiny demonstration of the so-called "demographic shift".


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When will the liberals wake up?

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