Thursday, February 9, 2017

Moshe Friedman" the Pig" slapped on the wrist after Sexually Torturing a helpless 6 year-old Child!

Der Groiser Chazzer Moshe Friedman

Beware of Moshe Friedman: Your Stomach Will Turn After You Read the Police Report

Moshe Friedman got a sweetheart deal which kept him out of jail and off the sex offender registry when he pled guilty on February 1, 2017 to a misdemeanor charge of “child endangerment” (NY Daily News).
Some of his defenders will say he didn’t really do anything serious. Maybe he just slapped a boy who was misbehaving. But you won’t say that after you read the police report with allegations of a string of sadistic sexual tortures that led to his indictment for multiple felony acts which could have put him in prison for decades.
According to the signed and sworn police report which was the basis of his indictment: The People of the State of New York County of Kings v Moshe Friedman:
…Between September 01, 2013 … and June 06, 2014 … at … [a Bobov yeshiva in Boro Park], the defendant … on multiple incidents per month …
  • Did strike the informant’s hand with defendant’s hand when informant’s hand was injured and treated with a cast
  • Did place defendant’s hand on the informant’s exposed buttocks
  • Did grab the informant’s penis,
  • Did insert the defendant’s finger into the informant’s anus
  • Did insert a banana into the informant’s anus
  • Did put the defendant’s mouth on the informant’s buttocks
  • Did place the informant’s penis inside the defendant’s mouth
  • Did bite the informant’s penis with defendant’s mouth
  • Did tie a string around the informant’s penis
  • Did shove a rag into the informant’s mouth
  • Did tie the informant’s lips shut with string
  • Did display a gun to the informant and state to the informant in sum and substance, “you’d better not tell your parents, or I’ll kill you and your family.”
The … [boy was born in] 2007.


Gershon himel said...

Sorry about this but I know this case personally and I believe you do a very good job but this case personally this guy is hundred percent innocent police report reports what the father says happened this guy didn’t touch this child they changed the case again and again it’s a shame this person went through this hell and your right. the police report looks bad but this is again what the father quoted the only place the moshe had a connection with the child was the middle of Bobover cheder and there are cameras all over that’s why they had to change the story again and again and again the story was framed on this guy my believe is that they framed him to cover somebody else

Anonymous said...

Gershon, you grew up in NY and write like that? Also, I see the word penis multiple times in the indictment. And he pleaded guilty yet did nothing?

mmz said...

He pled guilty to endangering the welfare of a child. He did not admit to abuse.
Neither was he found guilty by any court to do any of the allegations above.

At this point, your harassment is uncalled for.

Gershon himel said...

answering to anonymous yes I grew up in NY and I know the people involved and yes it seems he was framed to cover up someone else that has better connections with the elite in bobov vs an honest erliche yungerman that those that know him can't even open his mouth with those words nevertheless do something ;like that and no hedid not admit but had no choice those that know the system its bias and frum yiden stand no chance that is basedon a few lawers

Anonymous said...

F u all