Thursday, December 22, 2016

Did the Bais Yaakov of Baltimore cover up Yosef Goldman's alleged Rapes

On Monday, Joseph Goldman was arrested and charged with multiple counts of raping a child over a number of years.
JCW has received serious allegations that Beis Yaakov of Baltimore was aware of the abuse and did nothing about it. We have reached out to Rabbis Yechezkel Zweig and Yehoshua Shapiro repeatedly but they have both refused to speak with us.
Our investigation will continue. Anyone found to have covered up abuse, protected an abuser, or harassed a victim, will be held accountable.


mmz said...

What should they do about it? Does he work there?

Dusiznies said...

He obviously allegedly raped their students .....
Yes that's a lot of "work"

Anonymous said...

how would they kmow he did not work there waa a close relative of the victim