Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Target Blocks Computers from Israel .... UPDATED!

Last year announced that they would be delivering to Israel, which made everyone in Israel excited, but yesterday Target made a decision to block all Israeli computers from being able to view their website.
Anyone from Israel who tries to access the site gets an”Access Denied” message.

Yael A. an American student now living in Israel confirmed with her friends that they too could not access the site and contacted Target support to find out why she was blocked. Target responded with this  letter.
“The reason you’re unable to place orders on from Israel is to ensure the data security of all our guests. has made the conscious decision to block IP addresses originating from Israel, as it is one of the top 5 countries from which malicious attacks against our website originate.
Although you can’t access the site from Israel, our team is more than happy to help you place a domestic order over the phone. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at your convenience, our is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.  To place an order on you can call 1(800) 591-3869.”
Yael’s friends also complained and were sent the same templated answer.
OS NEWS reached out to Yael and asked her what she thinks about the Israel ban.
“I just went onto the Target website as I occasionally do to see if there are any new clothes I am interested in to either buy when I visit or have my mother pick up for me. I tried to go on and it said access denied. I tried a few more times. I asked my friends and they too were blocked! I complained and got an automated response. Hearing that they intentionally blocked Israel has me thinking if I need to boycott them now, which would be a shame because when I do visit the states, I am there pretty much every day. My friends in Israel and I constantly say things like “if only Israel had a target it would be perfect.” It’s really a shame to see them do this. Also, saying we can ” place a domestic order over the phone” is kind of insulting. It’s absurd for them to think that would be some sort of acceptable compromise for loyal customers. But I don’t even think they want my business because A. How are we supposed to know what we want if we can’t even see what they have to offer and B. Don’t they know that their 800 number can’t be dialed from outside the USA? I feel I am being lied to.” Yael said.
Chani Hadad, an English Instructor at Touro College in Israel said “Why does Target have a problem with Israel that Amazon, Old Navy, Next Direct, etc. does not?”
A petition at petition titled “ Should not contribute to BDS and unblock Israel from their site!” was started. It reads in part:
“The fact that they are saying that Israel, is one of the top 5 countries from which malicious attacks against their website originates does not sound genuine. Israel is never seen on any top ten list of countries that have high hacking occurrences. Please provide proof of this Target as well as the other 5 countries that are banned.
In the meantime please sign this petition which will go straight to Brian C. Cornell, Target’s Chairman and CEO and John J. Mulligan Executive Vice President and COO.”


Target Buckles From a Swarm of Complaints and Unblocks Israel

It seems that Target has reversed their decision to block all Israeli computers from being able to view their website. As of yesterday, anyone trying to access the site from an Israeli IP, got this ”Access Denied” message. 

However, Target’s customer service lines were swarmed by angry callers who said they would no longer be shopping at Target. The calls came in from all over the world and it seems that Target has buckled under the pressure. Not only are they now allowing Israel access to their website but they also offered a shipping code for Israel orders on a prominent spot on their website. 


Nanuet Target said...

DIN, why so harsh on them?

Surely they will get around to fixing the block on Israel. They are just extremely busy right now making accommodations for all kinds of freaks, menuvolim & predators to make themselves at home in Target bathrooms & changing rooms: pedophiles, trannies, and that Yeshiva of Spring Valley alumnus Ari Nagel who runs around impregnating shvartzers.

The latest with Nagel, who grew up on the same Monsey block as Moses Tendler & Aryeh Zaks, is the NY State Health Dept is threatening him he is breaking the law by advertising his "services" without being regulated by the State.

Old Williamsburg said...

Ari Nagel's father Heshy is a Torah Vodaas boy from Willy who is now on the board of Tendler's shul.

He is one of the accusers, along with MIT scientist Philip Fishman, that Mike Tress was molesting kids in the old days inside Agudah Willy.

Tress's son by the way who was recently arrested by the FBI for voting as a Ramapo official on land that he secretly owned together with menuvol Leib Tropper, just got off with a wrist slap. Preet Bharara was actually naive enough to hand sole jurisdiction to the Rockland DA.

Anonymous said...

7,14, you're writing vicious loshon hara, especially off topic, and nobody knows what you're talking about. What's your problem.

Anonymous said...

DIN posted the original article about the Ari Nagel chilul Hashem before NY State got involved. At that point there were just religious Christian organizations asking Target for an explanation why they are allowing the weirdo to conduct his meetings in their bathrooms. There is no lashon hora on someone like him who is not "bichlal Amisecha".