Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Rabbonim Condemn Mizrachi the "Holocaust Denier"


Anonymous said...

Doesn't everyone realize by now that we are dealing here with a criminally insane vicious poisonous snake,if this were a one time isolated mistake that this bastard made then somehow we might overlook it and accept his half assed apology.But no- this vicious Jew hating piece of human garbage has been vomiting this kind of garbage for years,whenever this KAPO animal mentions the holocaust this ego maniac claims he knows exactly why it happened and which sins caused it,in other words what this Nazi bastard
is saying is that our holy kedoshim our six million holy brothers and sisters including one and a half million holy innocent yiddishe kinderlech who were gassed and burned deserved what they got.
is there a bigger obscenity than this?
not only this " This piece of Jew hating holocaust denying jewish KAPO bastard,is not only a holocaust denier,but also a sick sexual pervert .
in a video,this vicious animal claims that our millions of unfortunate holy mothers and sisters who were herded naked into the gas chambers,
the ones that were not religious deliberately posed naked in front of the Nazi cameras just minutes before they were gassed,GEVALD,could even the devil himself come up with such a twisted evil obscenity ?,i have absolutely no doubt in my mind had this criminaly insane sexual pervert been alive 70 years ago in Europe
he would have been the chief KAPO in Auschwitz,and with a smile on his ugly face, he would have marched his own brothers and sisters into the gas chambers.
It is Yossi Mizrachi yemach shemo,who is not jewish,cannot imagine someone jewish vomiting out such obscenities on his own brothers and sisters.
We must put on tremendous pressure on all shulls and organizations where this pervert lectures,to make sure to ban him and especially from J-ROOT radio

Anonymous said...

so now shuls being told who not to invite, same as leftists pc police who tell us what not to eat and how to walk and talk.

DIN gets results said...


So you would rather that dirtbag Mizrachi who insults Holocaust survivors should have the red carpet rolled out for him?

Anonymous said...

9,02 %%
First can you confirm what my friend said happened at the Agudah Conv,, that one of the Agudah Convention rabbis said either at the convention itself or to a group of people there that whoever doesn't believe that a wife should work so her husband should learn is an apikoros and and a haskalah person?
Rabbi Sarfin signed this petition and works for Agudah. If this is true, then what's different than what Mizrachi says.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 10:04 AM

The difference is a simple one,the one who insists that whoever doesn't believe that a wife should work and husband should sit and learn is an apikoros,that person is NEBECH insane and he belongs in an insane asylum,but someone who claims that only one million jews were murdered by the Nazi's and the other five million were not HALACHIK Jews that guy is a vicious Holocaust-denying KAPO BASTARD,who deserves to be hanging from his neck from the nearest lamp post,and if you can't tell the difference between these two then you yourself belong in an insane asylum

allan kalish said...

I like the guy, he is a straight shooter, my parents are survivors it doesn't bother me at all. moreover the list of rabbi's couldn't give a daf yomi shiur for learning disabled shildren

Dusiznies said...

Allan Kalish
FYI Mizrachi " couldn't give a daf yomi shiur for learning disabled shildren" either...he is a known Am Haaretz...just saying!

Anonymous said...

Who gave him smicha?

AishKodesh said...

Hey, c'mon guys. Not saying I like what he supposedly said, Chas V'Shalom, but still... No benefit from talking about it really.

Gut Shabbos!