Sunday, December 11, 2016

Kupat Ha'Ir the dishonest Tzedaka Organization loses 15.6 million Dollars in stock investment

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The Megurit housing fund has seen its stocks tumble in the three months since it went public, the Kikar Hashabbat Hebrew news website reported on Sunday. 
Stock prices fell 12% before the markets closed Sunday, and share prices have seen a slump of 14.2% over the past week.

Kupat Ha'ir, one of the largest haredi charities in Israel, that has been accused of fraud and deception, invested 60 million shekels ($15.6 million), or 24.9% of the fund's value. It has lost 6 million shekels ($1.5 million) to date. The burial society invested 40 million shekels ($10.4 million) and has lost million shekels to date.

According to Kikar Hashabbat, non-haredi institutions have also lost money after investing in the Megurit fund. The organization 'Excellence' and the Jewish National Fund have lost 4 million shekels each.

The Megurit fund announced Sunday morning that it would buy back many of the shares it sold off three months ago. The repurchases are meant to strengthen the value of the shares by reducing the percentage that is held by the public.

The Megurit fund is the first of its kind in Israel. It brings together smaller investors to pool larger amounts of money together and jointly purchase land around the country. the fund administers the land until it reaches profitability.


Anonymous said...

where's the circus anti Zionist clown hypocrite now? in church?

Anonymous said...

Yes BH I'm a proud anti-zionist, the kupat hair is a org under the leadership of the bnei brak Zionist gedolim Steinman and Kaniyevski, now what?

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just a yid said...

check your article and then look at the headline
Headline says 15.6 lost article says that was the invested amount .The loss was 10% of that amount

Dusiznies said...

Oh I'm so sorry ...they only stole 1.5 million
well I got news for you ...this organization should be shut down ... I know much more than i'm posting!

sam said...

I'm very careful not to speak against any organization,but does anybody know who really runs these huge kupat hair funds?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

A shaitel macher?

Anonymous said...

You don't like Rav Steinman or Rav Kanevsky, you don't like Rav Schneerson nor any of the big rabbis, you hate Zionists and by your admission only one side of your chazzir ass is available , so is your Rav, tell us .

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I LOVE the REBBE KING MESSIAH, i really miss him, he was the best or rather HE IS THE BEST

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so who is your live rav? don't change the subject , the Zionists are coming.