Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Israel will no longer apologize


Chabad imitates DIN said...


Rabbi uses National Menorah lighting to trash Obama UN move

By DANIEL CHAITIN • 12/25/16

Anonymous said...


Every morning, dozens of hardscrabble women from Latin America & Eastern Europe congregate at a corner in Williamsburg, desperately seeking work as cleaners in the homes of Satmar Hasids. An expose of their plight.

By Neta Alexander Nov 26, 2016

“There are many problems at this place,” Maria tells me, speaking Spanish, through an interpreter. “I have no idea if there are security cameras, but I want cameras installed. The women told me that something happens to them here almost every day. Some employers say they will pay a certain wage but then pay less than what was agreed on, or find ways not to pay.

They have a regular method: Instead of counting out the money for you, they stuff a wad of crumpled bills in your hand & kick you out of the house: ‘Get going, get going.’ Outside, you discover they didn’t pay the full amount, but by then it’s too late. Last week, there was a woman from Brazil who warned us all not to get into a certain car. She said the man who was driving had invited a young woman to clean house for him & then refused to pay her. When she demanded the money, he came back with 2 dogs & threatened they would attack her if she didn’t take off her clothes.”

“One woman told me that one employer suggested she give him a massage for payment, or lie on the bed. Sexual harassment is almost inevitable.”

They also noted that in many cases they were astonished to find that their employer refused to supply them with a broom or mop, and demanded instead that they clean the floor on their hands & knees.

89% reported they were not given time to eat or rest on workdays of more than 5 hours

פלוני אלמוני said...

Yeah, but Bennet is way too hot-headed

Montreal intellectual said...

I just finished reading the whole article. Journalistic garbage! Totally bigoted and one-sided! Not one Williamsburg resident was interviewed for this article. No opposing side has been presented. And to boot - wait for this! - yet another OTD has offered her 'invaluable' expert opinion about the backwardness of her former Chassidish lifestyle. Does it get better than this?!

Yes it does! Expectedly, all the regular sensationalist anti-Semitic, anti-Chassidish stereotypes were featured. Of course, without exception, all the Latinas are honest, hardworking, abused victims, subject to whimsical Jewish female domination and endemic male sexual exploitation. Doesn't get more classic than that! Obviously not one decent person resides in all of Williamsburg!

Instead of being grateful for these tax-free jobs, these Latinas have chosen to bite the hand that feeds them, by bad-mouthing and painting with one stroke all those who provide them with jobs and income.

Chassidishe people would be wise to find a fresh and different source for their housekeeping help, instead of inviting these disgruntled and secret enemies into them homes.

The Grand Wazoo said...

"...We will defend ourselves and we will win." I have to ask, how does a Jew make such a statement and make it with such certainty, and be so very sure? Ultimately we will win, we have a promise from God, "am Yisroel chai."

It was just a few years ago that Bibi Netanyahu said in a speech or something --he said this in English-- that for the last 2000 years all the Jewish people had at their disposal was prayer, and they relied on that. But now the Jewish people have the IDF, a strong army to defend the Jewish people.

Is that not ultimate chutzpah from Bibi Netanyahu" Where might he think that the Jewish army draws its strength?

Did he not learn the story of Samson who seemed to forget the source of his super human strength and it only returned to him because of his intense prayer and his teshuva? Did Bibi not learn why bar Kochba suffered defeat, that he thought his stre3ngth was him and his ingenuity and not because originally he had faith in the Almighty?

If I may, a more correct approach would be to say these things, that one may rely on miracles FOR HIMSELF if he chooses, but not for others. For others we must try ourselves and ALSO pray that God will be there for us so that we will have success. When it comes to rain, other than prayer, their isn't much we can do to bring it, to stop it, or to control it. Does that mean that we don't have to work the fields, suffer the swet of our brow to earn our bread? Let's just pray and God will let manna again appear with the morning dew?

Netanyahu was very wrong in his assessment. He's certainly not describing the Jewish people, is he? A people who no longer have to pray? Jewish history, Biblical and post-Biblical teaches a very different story.

AishKodesh said...

The Grand Wazoo, absolutely true!