Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ukrainians vandalize Rav Nachman's Grave in Uman

It's time for the Russians to come in to Ukraine and convert that country into a parking lot! Let them remove the remains of Rav Nachman and bring them to the State of Israel!

Ukraine gets over 300 million dollars per year in revenue from the Jews that make pilgrimage to that cursed blood soaked country!

Unknown individuals broke into a synagogue in the Ukrainian city of Uman, sprayed red paint on the walls and left behind a pig’s head with a swastika carved into its forehead.
The attack occurred on Tuesday night, DS News reported. The synagogue is part of the Ohel complex, built near the gravesite of the Breslover movement’s founder, Rabbi Nachman.
Since the fall of communism, Uman has seen the arrival of thousands of pilgrims on the Jewish New Year who come to visit the gravesite of the 18th-century luminary.
The pilgrimage often has created friction between the predominantly Israeli new arrivals and locals, many of whom resent the cordoning off by police of neighborhoods for the pilgrims.
Brawls between locals and pilgrims are common. In recent years, incidents that occurred at Uman included the placing of broken glass on the bank of a river where pilgrims take ritual baths; the erection of crosses near that place and protests where nationalists shouted “Hasids out of Uman.”


Unknown said...

Right on the money ... !!!

Unknown said...

Jews have no shame going to Uman ...
It is the antithesis to Judaism ...
It is the anathema to Chasidus ...
After what the Ukrainians did under Bogdan Chmielnicky Gzeiras Tach V'Tat
Stepan Bandera during WWII
These 2 are worshipped by the Ukrainians as National Heroes with their statues erected in Kiev & Lviv ...
Jews know your history ... !!!

? said...

Why is their a shul on top of a grave. Why do people keep on building shuls surrounding graves! Chassidic perversion!

Abe said...

These many Jews have no shame because they are only semi-literate and are incapable of learning anything except Shor Shenagach et HaPara.
They are incapable of learning from history because history that doesn't fit with their screwey hashkafa is kefira.

AishKodesh said...

Well, do remember that Tzaddikim don't have tumah.....

Dusiznies said...

So you don't wash your hands after davening at a tzaddiks kever?

Anonymous said...

I slightly disagree with this post.

The Russians have only been slightly better than the Ukranians over the centuries. There was also recently reason to believe that some anti-Semitic attacks during this past year's civil war were committed by Russians trying to frame Ukranians as a false pretext that Putin wants to protect Jews from savage Ukranians.

In Tach veTat it was ethnic Cossacks on the murderous rampage and they often killed Poles & Ukranians too. There was one early episode that the Cossacks offered to spare Poles & Ukranians if they helped them slaughter the Jews of one city. The Cossacks then double crossed them & killed everyone. Poles & Ukranians actually formed alliances with Jews after that to fight back against the Cossacks.

But Ukranians were the ultimate villains in the Holocaust where along with Lithuanians, Latvians & Estonians, they were in many instances more sadistic than the Nazis themselves.

Salted Pretzel said...

DIN, this post is a departure from your usual style.

There is actually a teshuva from the Maharam miRuttenburg that the heimishe lowlives (including Satmar sympathizers) making chilul Hashem (including being mezaneh with the Ukrainians' women) are bringing this sort of retribution on themselves & risk that ehrlicha Yidden who do behave could also be attacked chalila.

It is a natural reaction by the way that people don't like when outsiders show up & use their women. It emerged in the newspapers this month from historical researchers that the first German holocaust was in 1904 against the 3 shvartz tribes that inhabited Namibia. That country north of South Africa was a German colony. When the tribes revolted in anger over Germans using their women, the Germans put them in concentration camps where they were worked to death. German security forces who ran the Namibia operation returned to Germany were they became the architects of the Nazi holocaust against Jews in the late 1930s. The father of Hermann Goerring yms by the way was head of the German military detachment in Namibia.

Fresser Trial Lawyer said...

The shvartzers demanded German reparations as soon as the report came out but the karg Deutscher are arguing that they gave enough money to Namibia over the years through the UN.

Next we will probably hear that the Germans have hired Ezra Friedlander to argue their case.

Yoeli said...

Goerring iz gore a Tzioni geven?

Hozen said...

Now you have this new Meshgas - big shot idiot Baruch Jerimias goes to Dubai and hangs out with the Sheikhs -

Hozen said...

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Hozen said...

There's also a video clip going around showing this clown Jerimias talking nonsense with the sheik's

Anonymous said...

This whole going to Uman must stop. Men belong at home with their FAMILIES. #BRINGRAVNACHMANBACKTOISRAEL enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

So according to you a Cohan can go to a cemetary full of righteous people. Cut the baloney!

Anonymous said...

Oh. But then people won't have the excuse to have a party. While their children and wives are at home feelinv like a widow and orphans!

AishKodesh said...

1:51 AM, did Moshe Rabbeinu not carry Yosef HaTzaddik's bones with him? But then he was still clean to do what he did?

And the answer, according to many, is that Tzaddikim have no tumah, so he was ok. (Though some do debate this).

According to Rav Hirsch zt"l, tumah comes from a lack of life (if you think about it, this works in all areas of tumah). And the Gemara tells us about how Tzaddikim are "alive" after their death. Tzaddikim elevate their lives and so, live on after death. Meaning that they likely don't have tumah.

This can actually explain the interesting statement of the Torah HaKedosha when it says in Parshas Va'eschanan 'V'atem ha'd'veikim ba'Hashem Elokeichem, chaim kolchem hayom'. Are all the people who clung to Hashem still alive, then?

But the answer, according to what we have said, is that Tzaddikim like that who truly cling to Hashem do not really die, so to speak. So yes, they all are alive today.

Now, am I still a bit uncomfortable with the whole kever Tzaddik thing, l'maaseh. Yes. But according to many, Tzaddikim still do not have tumah.

Dusiznies said...

you are actually wrong .... We had Pesach Sheni precisely for those who carried the bones of the shevatim and who were Tuma!

AishKodesh said...

Very interesting kasha. But, in that case, why were Yosef HaTzaddik's bones not tamei?

Anonymous said...

We do have Gedolim and Rebbes buried in Europe. Should we abandon these Kevarim? We have history in Europe. And cemetaries. The non-Jews do not want us there. We should take a hint. Its their country. What's the solution?

Anonymous said...

solution is to move to Israel and live there not to be flown after ptirah.
We have cemeteries going back 2000 years all over the world and many have been already desecrated or turned into roads and buildings because moshiach hasn't come yet, so there is no solution because very great tzadikim probably in the thousands lie somewhere where nobody knows, along with shuls and yeshivas. There's nothing we can do about those but we can do for ourselves and families for the future.

AishKodesh said...

Some Rabbonim, however, cannot be flown to Artzeinu HaKedosha....