Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sadugera Rebbe Sees Gaza Rocket As Sign To Observe Shabbas

 A number of rabbis are musing about the possible spiritual meanings behind Tuesday night’s rocket fired at Israel and have called upon residents in the area to strengthen their observance of Shabbos as a means of ensuring the area’s safety.
According to a report from popular Charedi news website Kikar Hashabbat , the Sadigora Rebbe, who heads that Chassidic dynasty, said Wednesday that “we have merited to see miracles since the rocket did not injure anyone or cause damage to property,” crediting this to the “thousands of Jews that observe Shabbat and the right to prayer [in Ashdod].”
The Sadigora Rebbe also took the location of where the rocket fell as a sign, since it fell close to the Big Fashion shopping mall, which is open on Shabbat.
He called on Israelis to strengthen their observance of Shabbat, and to “do everything necessary to stop the desecration of Shabbat that is threatening the safety of the city’s residents.”
“It’s now upon the residents to see this as a sign from heaven that Shabbat is the Mezuzah and the city’s protector.” Mezuzahs, which are placed on doorposts of buildings, are sometimes thought to protect buildings and their inhabitants from harm.
Meanwhile, the Rebbe of the Shomer Emunim hassidic dynasty weighed in on the rocket attack, saying that “Shabbat is the source of blessing and there is no doubt that in the merit of those on the stricter side of Shabbat observance, ... as well as the prayers of thousands of the city’s residents…we merited to see God’s goodness directly.”


Anonymous said...

Did you hear about the pashkevillin up in Williamsburg?

Your favorite clown Frankfurter evidently did not try hard enough to suck up to Satmar so the Satmar dayanim have assered his magazine & gotten all the Willy supermarkets (including the ones with branches in Monsey) to stop selling Ami Magazine!

Dusiznies said...

can u get me a copy or a photo of the pashkevill?>

Anonymous said...

I bought Ami and Binah this week in Willy without problem. Ami was actually sold out in most stores. Not sure what this guy is talking about.

Anonymous said...

n. A person unacquainted with certain kinds of knowledge familiar to yourself, and having certain other kinds that you know nothing about.
Dumble was an ignoramus,
Mumble was for learning famous.
Mumble said one day to Dumble:
“Ignorance should be more humble.
Not a spark have you of knowledge
That was got in any college.”
Dumble said to Mumble: “Truly
You’re self-satisfied unduly.
Of things in college I’m denied
A knowledge — you of all beside.”


Frankfurter-free zone? said...

Includes All Fresh supermarket that has a branch in Monsey

Dusiznies said...

Those pashkevelin are not from now...It's dated from 2 years ago..
No new paskevelin on Ami now

Frankfurter-free zone? said...

It's true that there was an original effort against Mishpacha 2 years ago but the kanoyim have revived the stink they were making & reposted the signs. This revival is allegedly instigated by Hershel Klar head of the Vaad Hatzniyus

Anonymous said...

Ami is a big threat to Der Yid. As most women prefer to read English, and Ami is the most kosher according to Satmar standards. Mishpacha and Bina (Hamodia) are far mor Zionistic. That must be the reason behind some of the pashkevillim.

Dusiznies said...

you are 100% correct... the women buy Ami....and that is a threat to Der Goy, and the rest of the Nazi propaganda newspapers...

Anonymous said...

All Fresh in the main Monsey location has all the food made under Nitra-Monsey hashgocho which is very weak & unreliable as far as the heimishe shgooches go if you speak to Litvisher and Chassidisher mayvinim who are not fooled by hype. In Satmar kreizen they agree with this. So what's really funny is when All Fresh trucks the food from Monsey up to Health Mart supermarket in KJ, they leave off the Nitra symbol & replace it with the KJ Vaad symbol even though it's the same chazirei that is under Nitra and allegedly no additional oversight from KJ. I don't know offhand where All Fresh Willy's food is made.

Anonymous said...

Nitra-Monsey = Weissmandl

When he was giving hashgocho on Rubashkin's (before Hershey Friedman threw him out), he admitted to the Wall St Journal that Rubashkin did not allow him access to the whole plant. That was the last time he ever spoke to the media because Rubashkin & his PR whore Lubinsky made sure he would never have another opportunity to open his big mouth & drop another embarrassing bombshell they were trying to cover up.

Weissmandl's stunning admission backed up what Yudel Shain & others had been saying for years that Rubashkin ran the place like a tyrant & the hashgochos had no control so Rubashkin could do whatever he wanted.

La Kosher Nostra said...

Weissmandel and the OU forced their shochtim, bodkim & mashgichim at Rubashkin to sign a contract, illegal under Federal law, that any kashrus scandal or cover up they discover cannot be reported to any poskim or rabbonim who are not their employment superior or else they will be severely punished.

This is why some of them went secretly to Shain with videos of Rubashkin pushing treif to the kosher side. Rubashkin supplied treif to Wal-Mart & a number of big goyish supermarket chains which it is against halacha for the same processor to sell both kosher & treif precisely because of the yetzer hora to push treif to the other side to double your money.

The OU, Chabad, Young Israel & Agudah pulled that Hollywood stunt of a "3 hour tour" worthy of Gilligan were they sent a bunch of their cronies to Postville to tell the public everything is just fine. Outside rabbonim who requested entrance were not allowed in even if they paid their own way.

When PETA had some of their undercovers hired as line workers they were able to secretly record & release to the public things that they thought were only animal cruelty, not realizing they were also kashrus violations.

Washington Hts said...

When KAJ-Breuer's finally dropped Rubashkin after years of non-stop kashrus cheating they did not want to make a public splash over it so they officially claimed it was a business decision. Lubinsky then took Rubashkin by the hand in front of cameras for a bogus press conference to make it sound like they were the ones who dumped KAJ, not the other way around.

A KAJ insider who was sick to his stomach over the cover up, leaked a copy of the letter to Yudel Shain that KAJ had Fedexed to Rubashkin's father notifying him they are pulling the plug due to his son's bad behavior.