Friday, May 29, 2015

KJ Mesheguim Prohibit Shushi because it's not "tznius"

The KJ (Kiryas Joel in Monroe) leadership, not satiated with their power over the sheep in their midst, have gone bonkers! 

A sushi company started selling take-out sushi in a supermarket in Monroe that had the Hashgacha of the Volover Rebbe's son. The Volover Hashgacha is very respected in all Chassidishe circles, 
but the Vaad Hatznius in Monroe nixed it because eating sushi "is not tzneesdik"and  "sushi is a goyishe zach"!
In Williamsburg and Boro-Park, sushi is sold in all stores, without any problems.

The irony is that one of the bullies in the Vaad Hatznius of Monroe is a guy by the name of Glick that is the owner of Fashion Plaza in Boro-park that sells bras, panties and sexy lingerie.

Here is a Romanian Satmar zhlub, that is drowning in thongs and other women's intimate apparel, and screams if a Jew wants to eat a California Roll, because it's "goyish'!
Glick competing with Victoria Secret's and Pink .... sells sensual bras for kallas and Yingeh Voblich.... and is totally absorbed,  yoimom ve'leilah, in sensual women's underwear  for his parnassa, ...... so he  gets upset and objects if his customer's husband wants to eat an Avocado Roll ?.... how insane is this?

I can't understand why a Chassidishe guy " mit vaaseh zukin" and "langeh gatchkes" sells girdles to women .... he must be  a closet pervert. 
And why are  perverts sitting on a Vaad that deals with Tzneeus? 
Why is a guy whose whole head is in bra sizes and plus size panties .... telling women what to wear and what not to wear...? 
How ironic is it that  Glick gets his jollies off yelling at Yingeh Voblich that bought their underwear from his store,Fashion Plaza?

Meanwhile,  Satmar guys in Monroe are very upset about this craziness, and a revolution is slowly simmering.
Some suggest that one of the Vaad Ha'tznius guys want to open a sushi store in about 6 months and so they did this to close down the "out of town" sushi guy..... but this has not been confirmed and only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

You are missing much context here so allow me to fill you in.

The Volover has a number of sons but Burich Teitelbaum is married to R' Aron's daughter which is why he was put in charge of KJ Vaad Hakashrus.

The problem is that Burich is at best a tremendous shlemazal in kashrus. There were so many complaints about him from the oylam to R' Aron that he was forced to remove his own eidim & replace him with R' Getzel Berkovitz. Burich was left on the letterhead as still in charge to not in gantzen be mevayesh him.

The Litvisher oylam can't stand Burich & do not eat anything from his private non-KJ hashgocho. This was after Burich was caught making chumetzdik "matzos lePesach" in Romania with shiksas & no mashgiach. At that point the Litvisher also lost a lot of confidence in the Volover alein since he co-certified the chometz mit zein zin. Then in subsequent years there were chumetz scandals with Volover hashgocho at food companies owned by Kedem like pretzels getting into Pesachdik potato chip bags, etc. So you could say the Volover is not what he used to be.

I also suspect there is more to this sushi story because there are a lot of places in KJ selling sushi and I don't know that Glick has the clout to take all of them on.

And there is by the way a huge kashrus problem with California roll since the imitation crab is pollock fish which is heavily infested with worms. I don't know exactly how KJ handles it but Zalmi's 'Sachdis is not trusted by the Litvisher to properly remove the worms.

La Kosher Nostra said...

Perhaps the biggest scam of all time in kashrus is all the years Hisachdus telling everyone "mir zeinen dee besta shgoocha" and actually managing to convince most people it is true. They are the best at covering up all their scandals in house because they make sure no information ever gets out. But a lot of their food has bugs in it. And they don't drop accounts guilty of chilul Shabbos or even Zionism as long as they pay the fee on time.

Anonymous said...

Hisachdis is one of the 3 parties behind the Bodek scam with Gissinger & OU.

Gissinger ran around 30 years ago getting all the gedolim to sign that we can no longer rely on poskim who said 100s of years ago that you can check samples of lettuce instead of everything. R' Yaakov Kaminetzky was furious at him for going looking for problems because certain things are mutter if you don't know about it but now that we know thanks to Gissinger purposely looking for problems it becomes assur. Gissinger did this so he could make millions $ by starting Bodek. Then a few years ago, Gissinger bought out as a franchise all the Chof K on food service which means restaurants, take out stores & caterers. He then realized he could make even more money by not checking vegetables at all. So he invented a new "shita" on the spot that no checking for bugs is required whatsoever. But at Bodek although he downgraded he had to keep some kind of semblance of bug checking due to the other hashgochos involved. That was no problem for Belsky & Genack who are constantly downgrading whatever OU standards suit them. But rabbonim starting asking what the heck is going on with Hisachdis? Hisachdis sheepishly answered that we keep out bugs that larger than X. The problem is that X is much larger than what is assur d'Oraysah!

Sam said...

Actually i could see it being nontzniusdik as here in willy i often see girls standing very long by the sushi counter and talking to the chinese guys pn one hand they cant tall to a chasid for a secobd but they can talk to goyim and giggle stc go figure

Anonymous said...

Gissinger went running at one point to take over $$$ the goyish owned restaurant on Route 59 in Monsey that is owned by goyim and was constantly caught cheating with treif & thus thrown out by other hashgochos. He did that under his private Ches-K hashgocho before he bought the Chof K franchise.

Anonymous said...

According to well placed sources, the other sushi guy in KJ has been expelled (B'H!!!). Now KJ will now be able to achieve heavenly status. It took some minor threats against the store owner and his family but he was finally able to see the yiddishkite in taking away parnasa from his own family and the sushi guys family. All is as it should be in the cult world of KJ.

Anonymous said...

No comment except thoroughly enjoying the use of Yeshivish in the comments here...a mikhaye

Anonymous said...

I cant believe the vaad of tznius has forced these honest hard working people out. A fellow jew taking away parnasah from numerous families, for nothing??? Nebach what is our religion and our people coming to. Hashem is just im sure those that are filled with sinas chinam will be judged by the ultimate judge.

Anonymous said...

The "vaad of tznius" ha, why is it that they are allowed to "look" and see who and what is making OUR religion right or wrong. What about Behicra, didn't g give us the choice to choose between right and wrong. Your shutting down the livelihood of so many people, all I know is I agree g is just and the ones that are strong arming others by threatning to kick their kids out of yeshivot, they will be judged by the ultimate judge. My hope is that these Vaad of tznius patrol can come to do teshuvah for their over sins that are the complete opposite of what Judaism is really about. KJ start a revolution nows the time, break away from this communist regime. And by the way can you really explain the difference between French fries and sushi? One is less tzniut then the other??? For real? This smells really bad.

Anonymous said...

Will anyone ever stand up to these people? Now its sushi whats next? Pizza is Italian what about French fries. maybe no more hamburgers cause it has the name HAM in it. Tznius patrol this sounds like something crazy, im in shock. Mr. Glick you should be ashamed of yourself. Enough is enough your destroying the chasidim and their name

Anonymous said...

I heard today many people are upset with this new Vaad hatzsnius rule about sushi. Supposedly certain foods aren't "tznius". I heard chicken is the next thing to be assur by the tznius police, and chicken feet. When you bite a leg and suck chicken feet, it may lead to improper thoughts, so to this is not tznius.
Be prepared....

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should go an support the local guy who will soon be out of a huge piece of his parnasa. I heard he was crying to try and get this "vaad of tznius to change their minds" mamash shtuss. How do you take away parnasah from another jew? Maybe you will say bottles of soda aren't tznius because they are shaped like a falic symbol. KJ satmar stand up for your rights! The real rebbe would never have done this to a fellow jew. You are directly taking away many peoples parnasah! Friends stand up in KJ, you think they can kick everyones kids out of yeshiva? If everyone unites I promise you the only people who will get kicked out are the vaad of tznius. Uprise get them out! Support sushi in KJ Support your local stores.

Anonymous said...

What is next maybe they should close their mouths and not eat anything as it may be not tznius when the women open their mouths.

Anonymous said...

The last of the susi was kicked out of Kj, more restrictions for an already repressed town. Most of the people in kj want sushi and think that this time the vaad of tznous went way to far. For the people of kj, rescue yourselves stand up against this travesty of justice. I feel bad for all the people there, they are all just oppressed by bullys and angry vaad of tznius.