Friday, November 22, 2013

Ami Magazine makes fun of Netanyahu's Speech to the UN that warned them of Iran's Nuclear ambitions!

Frankfurter and his followers

Puny little Yitzy Frankfurter, the editor of Ami Magazine, ridicules Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech given at the United Nations General Assembly on October 1st.

The Prime Minister, was addressing the dire Iran situation vis a vis the nuclear threat that is endangering the entire Middle East in general and the State of Israel in particular. 
He warned that the tyrant Rouhani, the President of Iran
(who actually resembles Yitzy Frankfurter), 
is determined to use the "negotiations" in Geneva, to advance his country's nuclear program. 
The Prime Minister warned that Israel would have to take unilateral military action to stop Tehran from building the dreaded atomic bomb.

Netanyahu was pointing out to the world in his address to the United Nations that Israel will despite its enemies, endure and overcome its enemies. He quoted from the Navie Amos: 
"As the Prophet Amos said,
 " They shall rebuild ruined cities and inhabit them, they shall plant vineyards and drink their wine. They shall till gardens and eat their fruit, and I will plant them upon their soil never to be uprooted again."

The Prime Minister was telling the UN that the Novie's words have already come to fruition;
with Eretz Yisroel being rebuilt for the first time in 2,000 years, never to be "uprooted again."

But this piece of garbage, Frankfurter, claims that Netanyahu "deliberately misread it" (Amos)....

Frankfurter would have wanted the Prime Minister to tell the anti-Semites in the UN that Amos also prophesied that 
"G-d will hold the Jewish people accountable for their sins and failings"
Frankfurter adds:
 but  instead Netanyahu "went to the book's happy ending"

In other words, Frankfurter wanted the Goyim in the UN to hear that G-d will Chas V'sholom destroy the Jewish people because of their sins, in the same speech that  he was warning the world  about Iran???????? 
I don't get it!

Let's put the words of the Prophet Amos aside for a moment and quote from a greater Prophet than Amos:

Moshe Rabbeinu tells ALL the Jewish people moments before his death the following in Parshas Eikav (9:5):

"Not because of your righteousness and the uprightness of your heart are you coming to take possession of their land, but because of the wickedness of these nations does Hashem, your G-d, drive them away from you, 
and in order to establish the word that Hashem swore to you forefathers."

In other words Hashem gave us Israel not because we are all Tzaddikim. G-d gave us Israel and yes, the STATE of ISRAEL, because the other nations are worse, and because He promised this to our forefathers. 
Hashem wants Israel rebuilt whether Netanyahu has a yarmulka on his head when he quotes from the Prophets or not!

Then Frankfurter who is certainly a scion of Amaliek, writes that "Netanyahu, (is) a spiritual successor of Jeroboam"??????????

So here comes this vile piece of vomit who calls himself Frankfurter, and makes "choizik" from the whole speech, 
quoting from the left wing, communist and self-hating  Israeli newspaper Haaretz, that the speech "was the type of speech that is destined to be quickly forgotten and disappear into the infinitely large ocean of YouTube clips."

The headline of this rubbish masqueraded as an editorial says it all:
"Netanyahu's Yarmulka"

Instead of informing and alarming his  naive readers that Iran wants to destroy over 6 million Jews living in Eretz Yisroel and obliterate all of Klall Yisroel, G-D forbid, including Frankfurter and his  family, 
this animal pokes fun of the fact that the Prime Minister, didn't put on a Yalmulka while quoting from Amos!

Instead of praising Netanyahu, because the Prime Minister ordered and dispatched, the IDF,,,,,,,,, doctors, nurses and rescue personnel with tons of medical equipment and medicine to the Philippines, and made a huge KIDDUSH HASHEM, 
this cockroach, does not even mention this in his entire issue!

Quoting from the Anti - Chareidie Haaretz, Frankfurter continues his  nauseating satire:
"At least he was done away with that ridiculous habit of Israeli leaders over the decades who put on a skullcap every time they read from the Bible. If the ultra-Orthodox parties, Shas and United Torah Judaism, had been in the current government coalition, he wouldn't have  dared do what he did."

This lying buffoon, vilifies and mocks a leader of over 10 million people, during a time when Israel feels isolated and vulnerable. Mocks someone who was voted in by a majority in a democratic election.

 Yitzy Frankfurter sits in his luxurious Boro-Park house, fressing Potato Kugel and shmaltz herring, wolfing down his watery chulent,
and makes fun of a man who fought in the Israeli army, putting his life on the line to fight for the Jewish people and for people like Frankfurter
Netanyahu's brother lost his life saving Jewish lives in Entebbe.

Benjamin Netanyahu
This is the same bastard that is trying to convince the pathetic Ami readers that the Satmar Chasid Weberman, who was convicted of raping a Jewish child,  is innocent!

He dedicated an entire issue in his filthy rag, Ami, to the lawyer, Mr. George Farkas, who defended Weberman, a serial rapist!

At this time it's important to point out who this Frankfurter, a Mamzer ben Nida , really is.

He is a fanatical Satmarer who hates and despises the State of Israel, and hopes and prays thrice daily that Eretz Yisroel should get, Chas ve'sholom, destroyed ... 
During the Bracha of V'lamshinim in Shemona Esra, these bastards think of Israel!
So you are sitting and scratching your itchy head thinking that DIN is crazy.... 
so let me quote from this very same "editorial":

"Netanyahu also apparently thinks he can pull the wool over the eyes of the international community and dupe them into believing that the Prophet Amos assured the Jewish people in the name of 
G-d that 
they will never be displaced from their land, regardless of how they behave.
At least Netanyahu made this misleading statement without a yarmulka on his head."

What Herr Frankfurter is intimating, in his sick and nauseating logic, that Israel will G-d forbid be destroyed because of the Zionists sins! He ignores Amos that states unequivocally 
"I will plant them upon their soil never to be uprooted again."

Well, Herr Frankfurter, 
take off your smelly fur hat from your head, and tell me when in the history of the Jewish people did we have so many people learning Torah in Eretz Yisroel? 

Tell us, which government in the entire world ever supported Torah (yes, even with the latest cuts) as much of the State of Israel??

Tell me, Mr. "Editor" how many frum governments were there ever in Israel from the time of Shaul Hamelech?
Count them for us, please!

Tell me, Mr. Vermin, how did Moshe Rabbeinu talk to Pharaoh? Mind you, Pharaoh murdered Jewish babies and then bathed in their blood.... 
Read the Torah and read with what respect  Moshe spoke to this murderer?

With what respect did Avrahom Aveenu speak to Efron Hachiti? The Talmud describes Efron as the biggest gangster in the world... the Torah spends 16 verses describing in detail how polite  Avraham spoke to this thief...

Look at last week's parsha describing how polite Yaakov was to Eisav, a murderer, someone who wanted and continues to want to kill all Jews....

We had kings, the  grandchildren of the Chashmonim (The Chanukah guys) that were by in large a bunch of thieves and murderers..
One of these kings, Yannai Hamelech murdered all the Tanaim and left only Reb Shimon ben Shatach alive.... who  was lucky enough to be saved by his sister who was the Queen at the time.

We had a Kohen Gadol, yes, a Kohein Gadol, who wasn't religious, by the name of Yeshuah ben Gamla.
The Talmud states that this non-religious Kohein Gadol will get credit for all  Torah learned from his time until Kingdom comes. 
Because he established Public Schools so that every Jewish child get a free education. Commentaries question whether Yeshua ben Gamla was even a Kohein. 
With all the Torah being learned in the State of Israel, I envy the Olom Haba that Benjamin Netanyahu will get.... 

Through out Jewish History, never did any Jew ever say 
"you can't live in Israel until we have Moshiach? 
Never did any Rabbi say that you cannot go to the Bais Hamikdash... because the king is a murderer, an Idol Worshipper etc.

Come the Holier than thou Satmars and prohibit anyone from going to the Kotel because it was liberated by the Zionists!

Frankfurter, for years, tried to  re-write the violent Satmar history into a  misunderstood Chassidus!
Satmar violently fought with the Kloizenberger Chassidim, Lubavitcher Chassidim, the Belzer Chassidim 
and fought with themselves!
This all happened during the lifetime of Reb Yoilish, the first Satmarer Rebbe..
The Kloizenberger Rebbi was forced to flee Williamsburg and relocate to Union City!
The Satmarer Rat, Frankfurter,  wrote a year ago that Reb Yoilish Teitelbaum, the first Satmar Rebbe was isolated, and wasn't respected by other gedolim!
First of all, its a blatent lie, 
but it was Reb Yoilish who decided that Satmar was not going to join the rest of Klall Yisroel when he prohibited his Romanian peasants from  learning the Daf -Hayoimie,
 because it was being pushed by Agudah, a "Zionist" organization! It was Reb Yoilish who decided to isolate and separate his chassidus from the rest of Klall Yisroel!

Now, only Satmar and the Goyim refuse to learn the daf.

Ever wonder why Klall Yisroel has all these Tzoros, ever wonder why Jewish mothers are dying in childbirth? Look no further.... look at your local newsstand that sells this dirty filthy rag called Ami!

Shame on you,,,,, Yitzy Frankfurter, hitting the Jewish people while they are down... shame on you....go back to your snake den, you filthy skunk! You don't come to Netanyahu's toenail!

Time to call the Advertisers of Ami and tell them if this sick article is not retracted we will boycott the products...

Lest you think that DIN made all this up, 
here is the "editorial" that reads right out of a Nazi newspaper.


Pactura Observa said...

Calm down pal, Frankfurter needs the publicity, remember.

Anonymous said...

couldn't have said it better,agree with you 1000%,this criminally insane Israel and Jew hating bastard
should be locked up in an insane asylum and not publishing magazines and writing editorials,
we must start a drive to run this gangster out of business,we should approach all his advertisers and put pressure on them to stop giving business to this Nazi jew hating rag.

Anonymous said...


I happen to agree with ami

very good editorial

Anonymous said...

hehe. why you so excited? it's a free country. everyone can attack Obama or Netanyahu. chill out.

Dusiznies said...

To Anon 11:36
It's people like you that tell me to calm down and do nothing that perpetuate bastads like Frankfurter...

To Anon 8:15
Exactly! because its a "free" country I can write about that Human waste!

browser said...

Anonymous said...
hehe. why you so excited? it's a free country. everyone can attack Obama or Netanyahu. chill out.

November 24, 2013 at 8:15 AM
you really don't get it,we are upset and excited,because this self hating israel hating nazi bastard swine criticizes Netanyahu for telling the world,that millions of Jews came back to Eretz yisroel after 2000 years of exile just exactly as it was prophetized 2000 years ago by our prophets in the TANACH.
And this dirty piece of rotten frankfurter has the gall to write an editorial and criticize Netanyahu for not telling the U.N and the world,that we Jews really don't deserve to be in our land,because we are sinners and have not kept all the commandments of the Torah.
only a criminally insane diseased mind like this rotten frankfurter
would dream of writing such garbage.

Anonymous said...

anyone who disagrees with you has a criminally insane diseased mind?? do you think you may have an issue with anger management? I think I know a good psychiatrist.

Who is this nutty blogger?

browser said...

Anonymous said...
anyone who disagrees with you has a criminally insane diseased mind??
No of course not,only someone who writes in his editorial that Netanyahu should have told the U.N,that jews don't belong in Eretz Yisroel because they don't keep all the commandments,a deranged rabid jew hating nazi bastard would't dream of writing such an idiotic editorial.
Just hope and pray that the readers of this disgusting rag will wake up and realize who they are supporting,and will stop buying and advertising in this antisemitic rag.
wouldn't be surprised if this piece of filthy frankfurter is a supporter of the Neturai Karta bastards who show up in Iran every couple of weeks to give support for their attempt to eradicate Medinas Yisroel

Anonymous said...

chaim, what do you think of deal with iran?

(BTW I think the other commenters are right and you should allow other people to have different opinions than you)

browser said...

Anonymous said...
chaim, what do you think of deal with iran?

(BTW I think the other commenters are right and you should allow other people to have different opinions than you)

November 24, 2013 at 8:45 PM
Did i ever say or insinuate that other people don't have a right to their opinion ? i just stated my opinion on them in no uncertain terms,it's called freedom of speech
as far as the Iranian agreement is concerned,not really sure about it,only time will tell,although we shoudn't trust this Hussein Obama too much

Anonymous said...

is this blog is owned by a Williamsburg guy? the intolerance and choice of expressions seem to point to a satmar chasid by education.