Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chareidim in Israel refuse to work, refuse to get a secular education but blame the Zionist Government for their poverty!

The Agudah of America put out this video, blaming the Israeli government for the poverty of Chareidie families...but no where do you hear that these families refuse to work, have 10 - 15 children, and have their wives go to work to support their lazy husbands.
 No "Godel" has ever stood up and screamed at these parasites to uphold their Ketubah that states that they will support their wives.

There is no poverty in Israel there are only lazy bastards who have no "Hakoras Hatoiv" to the Zionists government that gave them huge handouts up until the "Chilonim" woke up from their slumber and turned around to see that their hard earned money is going to these ungrateful parasites!!!! 

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