Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Brooklyn "Gedolim" that endorsed De Blasio, get slapped in their face, De Blasio says Iran Deal "A promising and positive Step"

De Blasio with Chassidishe Tuches lekers
The "gedolim" are supposed to know everything, but what they really care is how much money will the community get! 
They don't care that De Blasio is a communist & Palestinian lover ..... all they care is if the Mayor can funnel money to the "shtiblich." 

They don't care that he says that the Iran deal that would put most of Klall Yisroel in imminent danger... is a "positive step." 
No wonder nobody cares about these "leaders" of Klall Yisroel any more!
You have two Bobover Rebbes in secular Court! You have two Satmarer Rebbis in secular court and they want the regular "Joe Shmo" that gets up every morning to chap a Daf-Hayoimie before he goes to daven and work, to respect them...

Read the following and weep..... this is the guy that they overwhelmingly voted for! 

New York City Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio disagrees with New York’s senior Senator, Chuck Schumer’s vocal opposition to the Obama administration’s most recent steps taken on the sanctions regime against Iran.
“I have a different view on the issue. The administration is doing the right thing,” Mr. de Blasio told reporters following a public event Wednesday afternoon. “These negotiations are promising, and this could be the best way to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.”

Mr. de Blasio, who was a staunch supporter of the sanctions regime and even created an Iran watch list as Public Advocate, said Wednesday, that the current deal reached in Geneva “is a positive step.”
“There is no closer relationship on earth — literally no closer relationship — than that between New York City and the state of Israel.” Mr. de Blasio declared in the final days of the campaign for mayor. “As mayor, It’s my sacred responsibility to speak out and defend the State of Israel.”
Apparently, the State of Israel and her leader don’t feel defended by the deal. According to a poll conducted by Israel’s channel two, 60 percent of Israelis believe the interim deal with Iran “endangers” Israel’s security. A whopping 76% of Israelis don’t think the US deal with Iran will stop them from becoming a nuclear nation, a similar poll found.

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Anonymous said...

these so called GEDOLIM (by the way in loshon hakodesh "gedolim'is a euphemism for excrement)almost all of them are associated with the SATMAR gangsters who are rabid medinas Yisroel haters,and who pray three times a day for it's demis and destruction,therefore DeBlasio is the perfect choice for them