Friday, November 8, 2013

R' Dovid Feinstein hires Ronnie Greenwald to stall the Weiss Get!

We all read that Avrohom Meir Weiss refuses to give his wife Gitel a get. Now that she went to the secular press, the Weiss family that works for Artscroll are under tremendous pressure, so they turned to Uncle Dovid to stall the process.
All the details were already worked out in court, so to stall the giving the get, they hired the Tendler lackey Ronnie Greenwald as an arbitrator to further delay the get ....
Now they said 45 days....
Why do they need an arbitrator? To stall and stall and maybe people will forget!
This is the sick letter written by Uncle Dovid:
The letter is disguised as a plea to Gital, don't be fooled by this ploy! Notice the heading "Set Gital Free" to confuse the reader. Uncle Dovid doesn't care about Gital, if he did, she would have gotten her get years ago.

Set Gital Free

I am writing this because I believe that setting Gital free is the right thing to do. I also believe
that everyone believes that it's the right thing to do.
Right now, there are three lives that are being ruined, or are at least on hold. Just look at Gital,
the poor Agunah, whose personal life is in limbo at the prime time of her life, wasting away
years. The same for Avrom Meir, as I watch his younger siblings, with their families growing past
I am most concerned about poor, innocent Aryeh (Aryeh Malkiel}, such a smart boy, a beautiful
child, who is at best, going to need psychological help, if this keeps up. Anyone looking at him,
has to break down at the thought of what the future holds for him.
Doesn't anyone care? Of course they do!! And everyone wants this episode to come to an end. I
and my wife, personally, respect both sides; the Kotler's family, and the Feinstein's. And because
I believe that the Dodelsons want to end this as soon as possible, I keep in touch with them, and
of course the Weiss's. I have personally spoken to Danny and Saki, and other family members,
and they have expressed great interest in obtaining a Get.
Mrs. Dodelson, Saki, was actually the one around yomim noraim time this year, that reached out
to my wife, to ask what we can do to get the process back on track.
Around Chol Hamoed Succos, I saw a chance. Avrom Meir Weiss reiterated clearly to me,
beyond a shadow of a doubt, (and signed the document), that he would accept unconditionally
the ruling of Ronny Greenwald, who was accepted to be the binding arbitrator. (Even if he does
not like, or agree with the decision, he will accept it.} He made it clear (in writing), that he would
accept the arbitration, and a get would be given forty five days after the decision is entered into
court, so as the other side, the Dodelsons, cannot appeal. At that time, a get will be given.
The arbitration started in May. It stalled for five months, but Boruch Hashem it was restarted on
Oct. 15 2013. According to Ronny Greenwald, even though the Weiss's responded in time,
before the deadline Sunday the 20th of Oct. and it's not clear to me if and when the Dodelsons
responded, the Weiss's, even today, are still accepting Ronny's decision, and will abide by his
words as a non partial binding decision, and Avrom Meir is still willing to give the get, as stated
I urged Danny and Saki, and I've also spoke to the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Malkiel Kotler Shlita, and
Rav Aaron Kotler(who, yes I do enjoy being able to talk to), to urge the Dodelsons as well, not to
look back. I know there is a lot of bad blood and distrust, because of the last few years.
However, if we just look ahead, and see that a get can be obtained in forty five days, just accept
Ronny Greenwald's decision, and get it over with.

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