Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rav Shmuel Auerbach urges students to defy Rav Kanievsky and remain learning in Yeshivos

For those who find it difficult to believe that in Bnei Brak there is an effort to compel followers of HaGaon HaRav Shmuel Auerbach Shlita to pledge allegiance to gedolim shlita in the Torah city, they can simply read the words of Rav Auerbach in his response to his talmidim.
On page 3 of the Tuesday 25 Cheshvan 5774 edition of HaPeles, affiliated with the Bnei Torah party, Rav Auerbach sends a clear message to “bnei yeshivos and avreichim in kollel”.
“Continue your daily seder limud and feeling of spiritual elevation without compromising in the slightest on your principles and your right to remain loyal to our passionate derech.” These are the words heard from the gadol hador when avreichim visited him in his home on Monday, seeking advice as how to respond to current events.
The rosh yeshiva instructs talmidim to cling to their limudim and not permit any interruption in their daily seder. HaPeles reports the avreichim who met with the rav expressed their pain over ongoing efforts to create machlokes and divide and while they expected things to return to their norm following the elections, it does not appear this is taking place.
The rav stated that without a doubt it remains crucial to enhance the shalom between bnei torah and all who view themselves as Yirei Hashem, and above all, “one must continue with one’s limudim and distance oneself from distractions of any nature”.
The avreichim however were seeking instruction and asked how to react to efforts to use force against them in the beis medrash if and when they refuse to leave. “The lomdim will be immersed in their limudim as always and those who disturb them will shoulder the responsibility” Rav Auerbach is quoted as saying. “We are not changing in the slightest and we are not abandoning the benches of the beis medrash. We must hope this is all a rumor and false fears, and just like no one ever tried to oust lomdim from their place of limud, or demand that they act contrary to their believes and principles, we hope this will be the case here too.”
When asked about the reports that avreichim will be compelled to sign a declaration asking mechila and affirm their loyalty, Rav Auerbach reportedly stated “no one has such a right. No mosdos chinuch may make such a demand from anyone. Bnei Torah cannot be compelled to live contrary to their beliefs, following the path of our rabbonim passionately and no one should sign such a document. One must always act with Kovod Hatorah towards gedolei yisrael and there is no contradiction between the two.”

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