Friday, October 25, 2013

Frum man allegedly molests child on Monsey Trails Bus UPDATED

Today at 12:30pm Friday, Erev Shabbos a child was molested on the Monsey trails bus coming from Brooklyn to Monsey. A witness on the bus called 911 while child was still on the bus and told police what happened.

Ramapo Police waited for the bus and arrested the Haredi man.
UPDATE! A haredi man allegedly molested a child on a Monsey Trails bus travelling from Brooklyn to Monsey early Friday afternoon. Police were called but refused to arrest the man or do anything to further the case, allegedly because the bus had crossed into Bergen County, New Jersey and the abuse apparently took place on the Jersey side of the border. As you can see from the above video, the Ramapo police officer who responded refused to identify himself, eventually giving only what appeared to be his badge number – #476 – after persistent requests. In most police departments, an officer like this would be suspended and probably fired. Neither is likely to happen in Ramapo, where haredi powerbrokers call the shots.

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