Monday, October 28, 2013

Gerer Rebbi bans yeshiva students from eating soy based products because it can lead to gay sex??

Gerer Rebbi
The Hasidic yeshiva of Gur, has banned students from eating any soy based product out of fear that it might cause an increase in gay sexual activity, according to a report in the Haredi World.

Officials at the yeshiva and the boys school ordered students to stay away from any food containing soy because even eating a soy based product just once a week can cause unwanted arousal.

Officials at the school believe that soy based products contain harmful hormones that damage the spirituality of students by accelerating sexual maturity.

Doctors however said that there is no evidence that soy based products accelerate puberty or accelerate hyper sexual activity in young adults.


Warren Burstein said...

I was sitting with a friend at Shaarei Zedek Hospital, using their WiFi, and when I tried to bring up this article it was blocked by their filter.

Sherlock said...

It's astonishing how many false rumors are constantly being spread about Ger.
I investigated a few past rumors. They turned out to be mostly Baloney.

If you readily believe this article to be the truth, you are quite gullible.

As Jews, we should be the first to suspect that rumored accusations are very frequently false!