Monday, October 28, 2013

"Holy" Chassidic Mosdos of Monsey will back St. Lawrence for Town Supervisor because he will let the children be in buildings without fire codes

All Chassidic Mosdos are looking to back St. Lawrence, as Town Supervisor, who is being investigated by the FBI. 
St. Lawrence surrounded by Chassidishe Tuches Lekers
This is causing a massive Chillul Hashem; when gentiles see how the Jews who stood at Har Sinai listening to the words of G-D say "LO SIGNOV,"  will back an individual who is probably going to be indicted at any time now. They don't care if this sets a bad example for our "tinokes shel bais rabbon." They dont care that the innocent children are in buildings that are fire traps as long as St. Lawrence lets them "do what they want." 

If the Mosdos actually back St. Lawrence, the probabilities are that the Anti- Semitic Preserve Ramapo party will get in. 

For the Mosdos its all about the $$$$$$$$! What a massive "Chillul Hashem"!
Shame on you, Vishnitz, New Square, Satmar, Pupa, Vien etc... Shame on You!

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