Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Frummies ban colored bras and panties in Beitar Illit, Are the Rabbis checking the ladies?

A warning letter reminding women that they cannot wear any colored underwear was distributed in the Israeli city of Beitar Illit, according to a report by the Haredi World.

The letter warns that a modesty squad will patrol the streets of the city in order to sniff out those who wear immodest bras and panties.

The letter states that any colors besides black, beige and white, are prohibited for a good Jewish woman.

“Wearing colored underwear causes sin,” the letter warns.
“We want the city of Beitar Illit to remain a modest place for good Jews,” the letter also states.

The following is an English translation of the letter, according to

1) All sales women must be dressed modestly, showing no uncovered body parts, or wear tight or short clothing.

2) Items displayed in stores without packaging must be stored in drawers or shut closets, where the doorknobs are turned with no sliding doors. Items which are kept behind curtains, may only be of the traditional sort.

3) The rules refer to both bras and panties.

4) Stores are not allowed to sell underwear in all types of colors and styles. No items with red, bright pink or orange colors. No words or pictures.

5) It is strictly forbidden under any circumstance for saleswomen to suggest, advise or to guide women, and especially brides, to purchase underwear, which are not in traditional colors: white, beige or black.

6) It is strictly prohibited for men or children to enter these stores.

7) If immodest images appear on the packaging, they must be covered up with stickers.

8) Advertisements must be modest in style and design.

9) From time to time, women will be sent to track and monitor that all these rules are kept, and not in a perverse manner.

The letter was signed by Devora Braverman, Sarah Berezovsky, and Chaya Itzkovitz.

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Anonymous said...

it's a letter to the store owners, not the ladies, so they will not check the ladies, they'll check the stores...

Mendel Epstein said...

Another tough job but someone has to do it. My other geshepht is a little slow right now. How much can I charge for each peek up a skirt?

Dov Roth said...

"they will not check the ladies"

You forget that women often turn in their underwear after their period to their Rebbe to inspect spots and discolorations, so he can let them know whether marital relations can resume again. If rabbis are seeing colored underwear, they'll know the women and stores aren't complying.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I am not living in a Heredi society. What underwear or bra color you wear is none of anyone's business.

This is an invasion of privacy to have a modesty police. Why did G-d create dyers of clothing in different colors.

Wearing red, purple or green underwear is the same like wearing other colors of outer clothing.

I am so glad I am a Reform Jew who doesn't have to think twice what a girl wears.

So you are saying that people who are Gay are not accepted in this community. This is really sad because it does not matter what our background is.