Friday, October 4, 2013

Chaveirim of Rockland County welcomes a child molester

The convicted child molester “Dym” was released from jail 
 and Chaverim of Rockland just sent out this text.
"The Kabolas Ponim for our Chaver, Unit 29 will take place 6 Laura La. Wesley. Tom. Night 8p-10p @ our gracious host unit 4s' home. Pls contact 44 or 64 re: $."

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Anonymous said...

As a Monsey resident I made some research on the alleged rumor that Chaverim of Rockland was arranging a party for a “former” Chaverim member Shmuel Dym.The facts are:
1- Dym isn’t anymore a Chaverim member for over 2 years!
2- This whole rumor is BS, a whole article with no single ethical source to base it.
Why in the world do people have to involve such a admiring organization into their dirty agendas????!!!!
Chaverim of Rockland is always there for you when you need them, their volunteers don’t judge you… don’t judge them!! Especialy when this whole crap is based on nothing.