Sunday, September 29, 2013

Deb Tambor rejected by New Square in life, accepts her in death

OTD Deb Tambor a young lady that left the New Square Community, took her life this Shabbos and will haver her funeral in New Square tonight.
OTD bloggers are rallying around her, blaming her family for her death at 33. Apparently, Deb was involved in a bitter child custody battle with her chassidic ex husband. Bloggers say that her entire family and support network turned on her because she was no longer frum. Her children were poisoned against her and her own father testified against her at a child custody hearing.

Just recently, Yoeli Spielman, a young man who was shunned by his chassidic community, also reportedly committed suicide right after Yom Kippur.


Anonymous said...

Yoiky was not rejected by his family! I am a first hand witness and was his daughter during his shiva at his family's home whim were very supportive! People need to stop spreading rumors and need to be more caring and supportive!

Anonymous said...

It's in his family's interests to show how 'supportive' they are now. Please everyone - see through this crap. Most people don't just commit suicide but are in deep suffering and despair. In many cases caused by others.

Yerachmiel Lopin said...

Skver did not accept her in death. Her many friends stood outside in the bitter cold and they delayed the levayah until they got her friends to leave.

What a bunch of shkotzim to work to prevent Jews from attending a levayah.

Their goal is always control. Also they are determined not to let her yesomim have any memory of others loving their mother.

Mordy the Realist said...

Deb was buried in Long Island and not New Square as is being claimed. The Skvere cowards waited until 4am to bury her as they did not want any of her no longer frum friends to be at the levaya.

Anonymous said...

Now the news is coming out about how her family treated her with disrespect not only when she was alive, but even in death they did not give her respect. I wish I could call them animals, but that would be really unfair to animals.

yokel said...

The truth needs to be told - I think most posters here might be missing an important point:

This isn't a story about treatment of "OTD" members of the community.

New Square / Skver acts this way to ANYONE that...

1) Once belonged to the community, and ...

2) Dares to publicly express doubts about their false version of Orthodox Judaism.

It his nothing to do with going OTD. Really.

They did the same parental alienation thing to me - a STILL 100% ULTRA-ORTHODOX JEW.

I was punished for getting disgusted by the ongoing moral lapses, financial shenanigans and deceptions that constantly go on in the upper echelons there. I knew what was going on, since at the time I was affiliated with several of their organizations and - at one time - a confident of the Rebbe.

I knew that the Rebbe was (and IS) a fake, because he supported - and continues to support - frightening ethical & moral lapses, INCLUDING SERIOUS HALACHIC AND HASHKAFIC LAPSES.

When I refused to stay silent, a campaign of demoralization, deception, dehumanization, and "gaslighting" followed.

They're experts at "blowing off" any concerns that don't fit their agenda, and making you feel like trash. Tearing families apart? Fair game.

There is nothing sacred in their book, once you dare to expose their failings. They will do EVERYTHING to demolish you, including spreading false rumors of the worst kind.

Ms. Tambor writes:
My very own father,
Not only has he betrayed me
He made up lies

They betrayed me, too - BECAUSE I REFUSED TO STAY SILENT!

Many INSIDERS feel as I do, but they would never dear to speak up, because they know that their whole social support network and life-long affiliations would be DEMOLISHED.

So... let's call a spade a spade, ok?