Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jews chased off sidewalks in New Hempstead!

Frum Jews walking on Brick Church Road, on the sidewalk adjacent to The New Hempstead Elementary School, were harassed and chased off the sidewalk by School personnel on Yom Tov.
Mind you, these people that were chased are the very same people paying property taxes that support the school.

Mr. Weismandl, the President of East Ramapo left a detailed message to Dr. Klein, the school superintendent informing him of this disturbing development!

Updated 9/22 at 10:27pm
Dr Klein in an email to Nat Losman, President of KNH, responded "This is unacceptable and I will investigate"

We ask the people who heard the command to get off the sidewalk to please identify themselves so that we can forward this information to Dr. Klein.

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