Thursday, September 12, 2013

Asra Kedisha gangsters flood Monsey Streets with despicable flyers again..

This Asra Kedisha group that protest ALL construction sites in Israel to shake down developers, have started an all out war against the sainted Rav Shernbuch who ruled that it was permitted to build in Bait Shemesh, and that it was never a Jewish cemetery.

The truth is that ALL of Israel is a cemetery, because it has thousands of years of Jewish history, and it was always in the cross hairs of foreign countries that constantly murdered and pillaged the inhabitants.

 But the Rabbis, the Tanaim and Amoriem and Geonim and even the Rishonim never prohibited any building in any part of Israel unless it was "Muchzak" as a Jewish cemetery.

The Asra Kedisha Gangsters protest all development sites except in Bnei Brak (Where they would get their behinds bashed in)and only stop when they are paid off.. just like Al Sharpton here in the USA.

 What happened in the last two weeks was that they were paid but not enough, so they stopped for two weeks, and today these bastards started again... So there you got the whole story....
Chag Samaich

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