Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ami Magazine defends the Crazy Radical "Asra Kadisha" Head Extortionist Dovid Schmidel

 Anti-Israel Ami Editor, Yitzchok Frankfurter, defends the Radical fanatical organization, called Asra Kadisha, in this weeks issue.

Everyone living in Israel knows that this group is a  compilation of a bunch of Hooligans and Extortionists, that can be bribed and bought for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
What they do, they learned from Al Sharpton; they extort money from developers, threatening them that if they don't cough up the shekels they will protest the development site and claim that the site is a former Jewish cemetery.

 They just started a campaign that will require all developers  to get a "Hechsher" from these mafia bastards in order to build!
 This  "hechsher" will provide income to these parasites so they will never have to work.
This past month they cursed the great Posek Hador Rav Shternbuch Shlitah because he was fed up with their hooliganism and ordered the developers to continue to build in Beit Shemesh!
The fanatic Yitzchok Frankfurter 

Yitzchok Frankfurter, who rewrote Satmar history, now attempts to re-write the history of the gangsters of Asra Kadisha!

ראב"ד 'העדה החרדית' הגאון רבי משה שטרנבוך תוקף בחריפות את ארגון "אתרא קדישא", שמארגן הפגנות סתמיות ומיותרות נגד חילולי קברים כביכול, ואף רומז כי אנשי הארגון שיקרו את מרן הגר"ש וואזנר וגרמו להוצאת נפטרים יהודים ממנוחתם. המכתב המלא (חדשות, חרדים

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