Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yossi Gestetner rsigns as Jewish Republican Director because of his extreme anti-Israel position!

The head of the State Republican Party for Jewish Outreach abruptly resigned after the news media started asking questions about his background.

Yossi Gestetner admits he has been associated with controversial issues.
He was a spokesman for a fundraiser benefiting an alleged child molester.

He did media outreach for a group that does not want Israel to be a Jewish state. He said Republicans offer more services than Democrats in government.
"It is not my business or the business of any professional, to go out and before talking to the person to say, 'OK, let's see, how Jewish is he or not Jewish? Do I agree or disagree with everything he stands for? '"he said.

While the state’s 1.6 million Jews are hardly united, it is clear that many would disagree with Gestetner. And that has made it more difficult for him to get them out of their traditionally Democratic vote.

In an interview recorded for the news media, Gestetner said an observant Jew suspected of sexual abuse should go to a rabbi first. He added that a rabbi should be directed the matter rather than the police.

"It is better that people should see at least one rabbi to advise them how to proceed," he said. "Because too often, especially in the criminal justice system, they jump to conclusions."
Gestetner also worked for True Torah Jews against Zionism this may have been the most radioactive of his past.
"The idea that an official of the main political parties would be against the idea of a Jewish state is something that hits close to home."
Gestetner said he has family in Israel and only wants their success.

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