Monday, June 11, 2012

Students may never be expelled! R' Ovadia Yosef

Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef Shlita released a message to directors of mosdot connected to Shas’ educational network, stating in no uncertain terms that if a student acts in an unacceptable fashion, the school may not expel the child.

The gadol hador’s comments come after a former talmid of a yeshiva who was expelled took his own life R”L.
The rav instructs heads of mosdos to be patient. “Blessed are those who work in torah, which is a burden carried every day. Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev stated that when there is a mischievous child who will not sit still, he is right. Why? He has a great neshama and a small body – and it suffers. Therefore, he is not to blame. You must endure it and deal with him gently”.
“How good it is when one exhibits patience. This child will become a talmid chacham and not a simple person. If thrown out of yeshiva, where will he go? He will go to a secular school. What will become of him? He will become wild. Tolerate him and at the very least he will remain G-d fearing”.
“I would like to tell you about me when I was in Porat Yosef. There was a teacher with students, older students, about 15-years-old. He was ill. The principal called upon me to take his place. They warned me about one child in particular, a most mischievous child. He never remained in one place and never sat still. He would utter a word during the shiur and everyone laughed. And what did I do? I fulfilled my shlichus.
“I got hold of him and asked ‘Do you know what you are going to be? You will be a great rav and teacher in Am Yisrael, a profound torah scholar. Come and sit by my side.’ We began Gemara Moed Katan and learned. I frequently looked at him and asked ‘Nu what do you say? Do you agree?’ He shook his head in agreement. He was embarrassed in front of me. he did not speak and did not interrupt. And he indeed became a rosh yeshiva in Tel Aviv. Why? Because I knew how to get close to him”.
“Don’t throw them out. What do you think this is like throwing a rock? We are dealing with nefoshos! This is dinei nefoshos. Our Rabbonim only addressed dinei nefoshos when there was a Sanhedrin, 23 chachamim. This is dinei nefoshos. You throw him out and what will be with him then? You know what will be? Do you accept responsibility for what he will become?”
“Therefore, you must love him and smother him with love, bnei yisrael whose future is to become gedolei yisrael. To bring them closer with sweet words and this is how we bring them into the torah fold.”
“Think of this child as your son, what would you do? You would tolerate him! this is a son, your son! ‘’ושננתם לבנך, refers to your students.”

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