Saturday, June 30, 2012

Two Year Old loses hand in meat grinder while preparing Shabbos food!

The hand of a 2 year old girl was grinded off after being caught in a meat grinder on Friday. She was taken by helicopter to the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

A police investigation suggests that the child was under the care of a neighbor at the time of the accident. The man placed the child on the kitchen counter while being busy taking care of the preparations for Shabbat.

At one point, the girl put her hand in meat grinder. She was taken immediately to a domestic HMO in Misgav, where a Magen David Adom team provided her with initial care management. "She was crying and suffering from a serious injury. We took her by helicopter to Rambam hospital," said Majdi Khiali a paramedic.

Surgeons at Rambam, said they could not save the girl's hand. "The hand was injured in the section between the wrist and the elbow, with no possibility of reconstruction. She was taken to the operating room where the wound will be closed and then be admitted to the ICU of a children's hospital," said the staff at Rambam hospital.

"This is an unfortunate event," said trauma chief Dr. Hani Bachus. "Unfortunately there is nothing to 
do but close the wound and watch over the girl until she wakes up."
Police have launched an investigation and the neighbor was being questioned on suspicion of negligence.
The police arrested the neighbor after a preliminary investigation revealed that he buried the cut off hand in the courtyard of his home shortly after the accident.The neighbor explained his actions, saying that a medical officer told him that "nothing can be done with it." He will go to the Akko Magistrates Court for a hearing on remand.

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