Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weberman's (the accused rapist) trial postponed because Satmar Yeshivah will not release records!

Rabbi Nechemya Weberman’s child rape trial has been delayed because Satmar’s United Talmudical Academy has not responded to letters and subpoenas for records on Weberman.

Weberman’s attorneys want the records.

"The only way to obtain these records at this point is to threaten the school and its administration with contempt," Weberman’s attorney George Farkas told the New York Post.
Justice Ruth Shillingford said she is considering hitting UTA with contempt charges.

Weberman’s now-17-year-old alleged victim, who has been vilified by the Williamsburg community, is undaunted, Joel Engelman, anti-abuse activist (and alleged UTA victim), told the Post.

"She's very strong in her conviction to go forward," he said. "But she's been made to feel very uncomfortable."

Posters put up throughout Williamsburg depicted her as a missile about to destroy the Williamsburg hasidic community.

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