Monday, June 25, 2012

"Frum Chusid" refuses to deliver his own baby, so he hails down a Tow truck driver!

A Crazy Chusid Shotah!

 Bronx New York tow truck driver gave a big boost yesterday to a twisted pair - he delivered a baby after her Orthodox Jewish husband refused to help.

Antonio Paulino, 50, was driving in East Harlem yesterday afternoon when a man marked him down.
"He said, 'My wife is giving birth,'" said Paulino. But the father-to-be is an Orthodox Jew and said his religion forbade him to touch the baby or the mother.

"I reached into the woman and took the baby out," said Paulino.
The mother and baby were then taken to the hospital.
The mother and the baby are fine.

According to Jewish law however a husband or any man is permitted to help and touch any woman during a medical emergency. The claim of the Orthodox Jewish man that he was not allowed to touch his wife or his baby is totally incorrect.


Anonymous said...

Insane... But I don't you are putting too much hate in the article against frum chasidim... But you're right he was allowed to do it himself!

Editor said...

The headline should read:

Frum Chosid Shoiteh.