Thursday, June 21, 2012

Frummies Stone Lady and her baby in Beit Shemesh!

Ultra Orthodox Jews threw stones at a woman driver in Beit Shemesh, on Wednesday, the news media has learned. The window glass of the vehicle of the woman was broken, but the woman herself was unharmed, police said. It is suspected that she was attacked for wearing immodest clothing.

Police have launched an investigation but no suspects have been located so far.
Beit Shemesh, became famous earlier this year after numerous reports of humiliation and violence against women in the city began to appear.

Earlier this month it was reported that a local 
supermarket had instructed its customers to dress modestly and always dress in black. The supermarket Osher Ad announced later removed that the signs were removed.Six months ago, a woman was injured after being attacked by dozens of Ultra Orthodox Jews in Beit Shemesh.
"They broke all the windows of the car and threw stones at me. I asked them to stop and promised to leave, but they did not let me go," she said later.

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