Thursday, June 21, 2012

4 Weberman gangsters arrested for intimidating rape victim in Williamsburg! Video

Mishkoltzer (Berger) Rabbis sons arrested for obstruction of justice

After several weeks of insisting that he will prosecute anyone who uses what he termed “mafia style intimidation” to prevent witnesses from testifying in sexual abuse cases,  Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes has made four arrests this morning in Williamsburg.
According to , several of the men offered the victim in the widely publicized Weberman abuse case $500,000 to drop all charges in the case.  Sources say that when she refused to do so, the men responded by persuading a rav hamachshir removed his hechsher from a restaurant with which she is affiliated.
The four men, three of whom are brothers, were removed from their homes in handcuffs early this morning and 

are expected to be arraigned later today.

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Stupid people... Hashem will show everyone who is right and who is wrong here