Friday, March 18, 2011

Ad in Monsey Newsletter Wants All Women & Girls to "Stay in the Inner Rooms" on Purim

This is not a joke! This is not a Purim Prank! This is very Serious!
An advertisement appearing in the Monsey "Community Connections" wants Women and Girls on Purim not to "Laugh out loud" and to make sure that they are "not to be noticed or heard,"and stay in the "inner rooms."
It is no wonder that the Chassidic youngsters are fed up with all this and are leaving their heritage and frumkeit behind!
Isn't Purim all about Esther Hamalka, a Woman? The whole miracle of Purim was because of Esther, yet some Meshuganer in Monsey wants that Esther's offspring be hidden in a closet so that the Schnorrers shouldn't see them! This sick individual, to bolster his agenda, quotes the Holy Saint the Chofetz Chaim Z"L. Can you fathom his chutzpah? The Chofetz Chaim's wife actually ran his retail store and was dealing in public with the public. This "nut" actually went and paid for a full page ad, thinking its a mitzvah!
I urge all readers to call this deranged guy and to also call the Community Connections to protest this atrocity perpetrated on our Wives and Children.. His number is in the ad.
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I believe that the problem  started when we first allowed newspapers and magazines in our house that do not carry any pictures of women, even dead ones.... the Yated, Hamodia, Mishpacha and even Bina (a magagazine designed for women)will not have pictures of women even when they are writing an obituary, a lady no longer alive...
Are people so sick that they get aroused from a dead lady? Now we have a guy that wants to put our wives and daughters in a closet. During a brief conversation with him, he told me that it is in the "Shulchan Aruch." I have a challenge for him, if he finds this in the Shulchan Aruch I will be the first one to stuff my wife & daughter in my walk-in closet! How about that?
We allow ads that blank out the face of the lady... is this normal??
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Anonymous said...

Obviously, it was heavenly ordained that Esther would save Klal Yisroel.

Do you realize that if Mordechai had the same belief as this author, he would have locked Esther in a closet, and all of Klal Yisroel would have been destroyed.

That is why his statement at the end of the ad "Be proud to be like Esther HaMalka" is so stupid and ignorant.

Unknown said...

Finally a woman who thinks like me. You go girlfriend!!!

Jonathan Gewirtz said...

I haven't seen the ad, but I can tell you that as drunken bochurim fill the house, it can lead to problems. I remember one sixteen year old asking the daughter of the house to "come sit next to me!"

Esther didn't want to be Queen, and initially she WAS in a closet, so to speak, until Achashveirosh's men found out about her. Chazal say that the honor of a woman is to be inside. She needs recognition from her family, not drunk, hormonal, teenage boys.

Maybe this guy took it too far, but this blog is making it as if there's no problem, which there definitely is.

Dusiznies said...

To Jonathan:
With all due respect, it is obvious from the story in the Megillah that Hashem did NOT want her in the closet. Hashem actually wanted her out on the street to be found by Achashveirosh's men and thats how the miracle happened.

Dusiznies said...

Just another point to Jonathan: that 16 year old boy in your story who told the "daughter of the house" to come "sit next to me" has other issues which has nothing to do with either having too much too drink or Purim. The drink just made it easier for him to say what was obviously on his mind, but this 16 yearl old is no "Abaayee or Rava"

CR said...

I've got a better idea. If the schnorrers might be put off by what they see as "pritzusdike" conduct inside a given home maybe they should just stay away. It is not the responsibility of the resident families to cater to every chumra and mishegas of the visitors but, rather, the other way around!

azigra said...

would love if you credited my post on dovbear for this picture (I didnt just write the words, i took this photo).


Dusiznies said...

sorry, i didn't get the picture from Dovbear, was actually sent to me on a chain e-mail. Will certainly give you the credit immed